Jean Michel Jarre at Young City - Press Conference

On 4th August 2005 artist visited Gdańsk, met with polish ex-president Lech Wałęsa and with Gdańsk president Paweł Adamowicz. Together they laid flowers under the Fallen Shipyard Workes Monument (Three Crosses).
During the press coneference in the historical BHP Hall Jean Michel Jarre told that 21 Solidarity Demands represent universal values allover the world, and their are specialy important in time of crisis of european values.

On 26th August during the "Space of Freedom" show Jarre will use working shipyard cranes as part of his performance. Two weeks before the show technical crew will arrive to prepare the stage and special effects with help of polish specialists. " "I am going to cross all boundaries with this concert. It is going to be better than you expect. You all are going to be the participants of my spectacle. I just have to say this to you - do not plan any holidays at that moment, stay in Gdansk because it will be well worth it. This concert is going to be the best concert in my entire career!" said artist for Dziennik Baltycki.

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