Jarre to light up Acropolis

6 June, 2001
Jarre gave a 12-hour show in Egypt for the millennium
French electronic musician Jean-Michel Jarre has announced plans for two major charity gigs at the Acropolis in Athens.
Jarre, who is known for the spectacular light shows that accompany his music, will perform at the ancient site on 19 and 20 June.
The sold-out dates promise to be a light and sound extravaganza, similar to Jarre's 1999 concerts amid Egypt's pyramids.
Proceeds will go towards creating Greece's first children's cancer hospital. 

Jarre's shows are accompanied by lasers

Jarre, who has composed a new piece specifically for the event called Acropolis, said: "It is an artistic, poetic tribute to the place.
"But the scenography itself is for the Acropolis and will never be repeated."
The rest of the concert will feature some of his older pieces "re-orchestrated for the occasion".

Overall, Jarre is promising an impressive performance, building on his previous successes.
The show will include the use of synthesisers, classical instruments, church choirs, lights, video and computers connected to the internet

"I'm really interested in trying to match the past and future. What is interesting is to put this kind of area in a contemporary context, almost futuristic context," said the artist.
"The best way of respecting monuments and our history is to continue to make them alive in our times," he added.
Jarre said the concert's second performance will be broadcast live in France to kick off his native country's 20th annual musical festival.
Jarre, who had hit albums Equinoxe and Oxygene at the end of the 70s, is respected for pulling off his ambitious once-only shows.
Months of preparation go into these concerts, which are usually performed in front of crowds of one million or more.
On New Year's Day 2001, Jarre performed a spectacular multimedia concert on Japan's Okinawa beach. 

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