Exclusive photos from the tour: The Oxygene 7-13 - 1997

Manchester, England - 6 June 1997

The Stage
(Manchester crowd on the screen of 'Revolution')
Magic Slinky's
(seen from the mixing console)
Jean-Michel Jarre Thanking Manchester

Helsinki, Finland - 16 June 1997

Jarre And His Techno-Twin... 
  Huge 35mm Projection
(Oxygene 12)
The Stage

Katowice, Poland - 21 June 1997

X<>Pose vs Fairlight...
Fairlight vs X<>Pose ...
Chronologie 6...
Something new!

Prague, Czech Republic - 22 June 1997

The View From 'JarreCam'
Christophe Papendieck
(Bass & Keyboards) in action
Christophe Papendieck

Budapest, Hungary - 24 June 1997

The View From 'JarreCam'
Jean-Michel Jarre
(Wearing 'JarreCam' Glasses)
JMJ now plays visuals
on Oxygene 2

Milan, Italy - 26 June 1997

  View from 'JarreCam'...
Another View from 'JarreCam'
(With second digital camera in background)
View from 'JarreCam'...
Powered by X<>Pose!

Some concert facts:
  • 8 trucks are used to transport the set and 40 tons of equipment packed into 1100 flight cases.
  • The Oxygene 7-13 Tour requires 1000 amps on 380 volts per show. At peak performance Jean Michel Jarre puts out 75,000 watts of power per show.
  • The lighting for the tour was designed by Roy Bennett and Jean Michel Jarre and comprises 74 moving lights.
  • 26 keyboards for Jean Michel Jarre are taken on the road.
  • 65 people travel with the band including management, musicians, stage crew, drivers etc. An additional 80 local crew and security personnel are needed for each concert.
  • 5 dancing puppets of over 5 meters high designed by Peter Minshell and Jean Michel from the Callalloo company in Trinidad will join the artist on stage.

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