Exclusive photos from the tour: The Oxygene 7-13 - 1997


"Everybody is doing the same movie, everybody is doing the same record but each time trying to improve or to reject what he has done in the past, and then at one stage you are in phase with yourself and the audience and I hope Oxygene 7-13 carries the touch of naivety or spontaneity that I had for the first one, linked with experience and where I am today."
Jean-Michel Jarre 1997

Stockholm, Sweden - 9 May 1997

Jarre wearing 'JarreCam' glasses
(The images from the tiny camera are projected on the screen behind Jarre.)
Jarre thanking the crowd
Jean-Michel at the keyboards

 Gothenberg, Sweden - 11 May 1997

The Stage
View from 'JarreCam'

Leipzig, Germany - 13 May 1997

Dueling Synths
Jarre thanking the Leipzig fans
Jean-Michel at his keyboards

Berlin, Germany - 14 May 1997

Jarre thanking the crowd
Jarre Fan!

Hamburg, Germany - 16 May 1997

Close-up of 'JarreCam' glasses
View of the synths from 'JarreCam'

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