Rone "Tasty City" from "InFiné by JMJ"

Rone, de son vrai nom Erwan Castex, né en 1980 à Boulogne-Billancourt, est un musicien français de musique électronique. Il vit à Berlin

Nom Erwan Castex

Pays d'origine Drapeau de France France
Activité principale Musicien
Genre musical Musique électronique
Labels Infiné

Rone "Tasty City"


"InFiné is in that league of labels displaying the kind of audacity only to be found in true artists,"said Jarre."

Like the musicians it represents, it has kept on demonstrating how important it is to have a common vision, a common ambition in order to initiate and finalize groundbreaking projects.

"One of the tracks curated by Jarre is Rone's "Tasty City," a compelling production from his debut album, Spanish Breakfast.

Although it was originally released in 2009, the song remains a product of Rone's inventive imagination, something far superior than a snapshot of what musical trends were popular at the time. And for many people who have never heard the track, it will sound entirely fresh, as Rone explores a variety of genres on "Tasty City"—ranging from tech-house to ambient—without ever settling on one.

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