Aerosystem, a Stunning Audio System Designed by Jean Michel Jarre

October 23rd, 2008

Aerosystem Ipod/iPhone speaker system

I guess there aren't too many among our readers who haven't heard yet of Jean-Michel Jarre, the electronic music guru, one of the artists who have changed the contemporary music in ways few others ever could. JM Jarre's live performances have always involved impressive laser shows and a lot of technology, which was either unknown or unexploited until the French artist brought it in the spotlight; now it's time to welcome his own creation in the field of audio systems: the Aerosystem.

 We’re talking about a loudspeaker system developed by JM Jarre especially for iPods, meaning it can be easily used with iPod 4th generation (color display), iPod 5th generation, iPod mini, iPod nano or the Pod touch.

And of course, if you're on the newest trend in this field and you went for the iPhone 3G, the Aerosystem will gladly accommodate it, as well. Since JM Jarre is well-known for his love for technology, his new design was created from the very start as a spearheading item among similar iPod speakers: boasting advanced manufacturing techniques and materials, it is sworn to deliver a sensational sound, worthy of the finest audiophile ears.

The Aerosystem is a floorstanding loudspeaker system boasting a cylindrical design made from super-strong glass for a non-resonant performance and a solid sound at high volumes. The amplifier has been integrated in the base of the towering structure and it comes with a high-tech sound processor that works hard to restore the highs and lows that have been lost in the MP3 encoding process. While the subwoofer blasts a 45W max RMS power, the midrange and tweeter array adds some more 20W, making the Aerosystem a loudspeaker powerful enough even for rooms larger than your bedroom.

Aerosystem Ipod/iPhone speaker system has neat connectors

Each floorstander takes around 60 days to be fabricated after you order it; even more, you can now choose between several finishes such as black, mirror, Lady (bright pink) and Alien (bright green). You can, of course, use the Aerosystem with pretty much any sound source thanks to the installed 3.5mm stereo Aux In jack; even more, some other audio arrays have been built on it, in 2.1 and 5.1 configurations for the more demanding settings. One such piece of technology, courtesy of Jean-Michel Jarre, retails for around 450 EUR ($575), and if you're looking for more details, you can find them here.
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Aerosystem comes with base-integrated amplifier
A nifty remote control for Aerosystem Ipod/iPhone speaker system
Aerosystem Ipod/iPhone speaker system
The 5.1 Aerosystem-based system

Aerosystem Lady Ipod/iPhone speaker system
Aerosystem Alien speaker system

2.1 Aerosystem Ipod/iPhone speaker system

Aerosystem Ocean
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