InFiné by JMJ - 14th January 2013

For the past 6 years, as a label, we have fought hard to cultivate our unique sounds and spread them beyond the French borders. As a new year begins, we thought it would be a good idea to ask a leading figure of the Arts, who shares our ethics, to browse through our wide-ranging catalogue and put together their own collection of InFiné tracks. We loved the idea of having a fresh take on the music we produce, enabling us to step out of our microcosm.
 Jean Michel Jarre accepted this rather odd proposal, showing he cares deeply about our cause and the struggles that come with it.
Without the convictions and beliefs he has always had and fought for, our lives would probably be very different to how they are today!

InFiné selected by JMJ compiled 12 tracks taken from the catalogue of InFiné and will be released on 14th January 2013 




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