Jean Michel Jarre and Danish hi-fi company Bang & Olufsen


Jean Michel Jarre and Danish hi-fi company Bang & Olufsen signed a deal back in 2000 for Jean Michel Jarre to promote products in the B&O range

One of the spin-offs of this agreement is that a 40 second commercial for BeoSound 1 (one of B&O's many products) uses a Jarre soundtrack made up of several compositions. The most exciting thing about this advert is that one of the pieces is previosuly unreleased, entitled Crazy Saturday, composed during the recording of Metamorphoses in 1999. This is a track which both Jean Michel Jarre and Joachim Garraud (producer of Metamorphoses) originally wanted to feature on the album, but decided the style of the track would not fit in very well, therefore it was not included.

The advert itself was produced by Square Prod (who Joachim Garraud works for) and with Joachim personally working on this project. The advert has mainly been shown in cinemas for the past few months and Square Prod worked on a Dolby Surround version of the soundtrack. Other tracks to feature include Je Me Souviens, C'est la Vie, Miss Moon and Millions of Stars.


The new Bang & Olufsen shop in Paris, located on the famous Champs-Elysées, has been specially designed by Jean Michel Jarre and Elisabeth Sandager, president of B&O France.

The shop is integrated in the Maison du Danemark, and its surface is quiet small -only 100 m˛ !!- but is charming and pleasant.

The Bang & Olufsen boutique is located on the Champs-Elysées 142.

For the music, it is more a mixture of various sounds on a very calm background of cheap rain sounds. Unlikely to Waiting For Cousteau, the track hardly has any ambiance or structure but pure based of background sounds. 
The song 'Interior Music - Bonjour-Hello', includes a few samples of some of Jarre's previous songs, as the heartbeat on the beginning of each song at the Okinawa gig, the Ethnicolor scream, Oxygčne 12 played on the piano (the only good thing !) and even samples from non-Jarre songs, including organs, guitars, and a sample (or something which sounds very familiar) of Air's Virgin Suicides soundtrack. 
There is an instrumental version and a version with lyrics, including sentences or words like : "you're gorgeous", "on s'est déjŕ vu ?", "oh il neige", "your future is now", "tu es beau tu sais", "you look great", "le soleil brille toujours", "restez un peu !", "avez-vous du temps", "have you kissed somebody today ?", "téléphonez-moi", "now is the time".


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