Paris' Salon Hi-Fi -20/12/2010

 Paris Show 2010

This original system was certainly one of the most "out of the square" system at the show. Since it was a static display, trying its luck occasionally by playing at low levels not to upset the neighbours (and the organiser...), it was difficult to assess its quality properly.

Having said that, Jean-Michel Jarre has all the credentials for it to be a very well designed system. He used to be one of our good clients when I was working at HP Test & Measurement (now Agilent) and he was very well equipped to master the engineering subtleties of such a unique product.
It is not trying to be the best system in the World, but it is a very honest attempt to deliver the best possible outcome to IPods and iPhones enthusiasts in a very limited space, which fits the young demographics linked to the Apple frenzy, specially if used with uncompressed files.

It is also connectable to a USB stick, or another MP3 player or a turntable equipped with an USB output (like Pro-Ject). It claims a 52Hz to 20KHz range, uses a 135mm woofer firing downwards and two 75mm wideband drivers at 120 degrees from each other, covering a surprinsigly wide listening cone of 260 degrees.

It is powered by a 60W and 2 30 watts amplifiers, in essence a triphonic system built into a 1100mm high glass tube with stainless grilles and trims.
Certainly a very nice and desirable object to fit a modern minimalist interior...

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