Techno veteran Jean Michel Jarre: Let me light up Edinburgh Castle

Fri 03 Sep 2010


A pioneering DJ whose music gave rise to the likes of Tiesto, Fatboy Slim and Daft Punk, has vowed to wow Scottish audiences when he visits Glasgow’s Braehead Arena this October.
Jean Michel Jarre, who released his first dance album in 1969, is famed around the world for his awe inspiring live-shows that incorporate a mix of light, lasers and his own early brand of techno music.
Famous world landmarks such as the Pyramids and Eiffel Tower have all been transformed into dance venues by enigmatic Frenchman Michel Jarre and he now has his sights set on our own architectural splendours, starting with Edinburgh Castle.

He said: “I truly love and enjoy Scotland. I love the mood and the pace of the place, and there are historically lots of links between France and Scotland.

“I love Edinburgh and the Festival over there, so playing the Castle would definitely interest me. It’s a great great venue. I’m up for it.”

The 62-year old Frenchman has been producing his unique brand of ‘Electro orchestra’ for over 40 years, and is perhaps most fondly remembered for playing a gig to 3.5 million people in Moscow in 1997 – still a world record for most people at an outdoor solo gig.

Although the technology and music may have moved on since Michel Jarre’s prime, the godfather of modern dance holds today’s artists in high regard.

He added: “Electronic music is not just a fashion it’s a way of writing, composing and performing music.

“The electronic dance scene in France is quite strong just now with Air and Daft Punk. I also really like the Chemical brothers, Underworld and La Roux.”

A lifetime achievement award from MOJO magazine in 2010 proves Michel Jarre is still relevant in today’s music circles, and the pioneering keyboard player has no plans to hang up his ‘synthesisers’ just yet.

He continued: “An artist has one thing to say throughout his life, and he is constantly trying to improve how he says this.

“I’m still not satisfied with what I’ve done and I’m still trying to improve myself. This is the reason of this world tour.”

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