Jean Michel Jarre playing the new Roland FR-1, Paris – France

Jean Michel Jarre playing the new Roland FR-1, Paris – France

by Holda Paoletti-Kampl
At the Salon De La Musique in Paris, Jean Michel Jarre meets the new Roland V-Accordion FR-1, and it is love at first sight!

"The weight (5.5 kg), small, it looks sexy plus the beautiful Roland sound make it an instrument that must be on the stage of my new World Tour…." These are the elements that led Jean Michel during the Salon De La Musique world release in Paris, to have a close conversation with Luigi Bruti, Marketing Director of Roland Europe and "father" of the V-Accordion to "seize" one of the first prototypes of this new model.

This will ensure a "musical baptism" by the "godfather", an exceptional absolute leader in the field of electronic music.

Jean Michel Jarre, author and composer of successful songs who has sold over 60 million CD's worldwide, is considered one of the pioneers of electronic music and an innovator in the organisation of live concerts, with games, fireworks, laser beams and a spectacular scenery as a backdrop to his music performed often with futuristic instruments, some of its own conception.

This time he has chosen for his songs another futuristic instrument – the.... ACCORDION ... in full compliance with the Roland slogan: "Tradition outside - Future inside".

Jean-Michel Jarre says about himself: "I was a teenager – with a lucky chance. At the age of five years I assisted my father who worked on the soundtrack of Doctor Zhivago, directed by David Lean. At ten I studied at the conservatory, and at twenty-six I received the first gold disc for sales of ‘Oxygene’.

Some of his most famous albums include: ‘Oxigene’, ‘Equinoxe’, ‘Magnetic Fields’, ‘The Concerts in China’, ‘Zoolook’, ‘Rendez-Vous’, ‘Revolutions’, ‘Waiting for Costeau’, ‘Chronologie’, ‘Metamorphoese’, ‘Téo and Téa’, and who knows if..... the new Roland FR-1 accordion will inspire a new album with worldwide success?

Good luck, Jean Michel Jarre!

Source: www.accordions.com

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