I think Tetsuya Komuro as "TK" is one of today's most unique and broad-based musicians. He's the representative musician of today's Japan. Mixing modernity with emotion and the avant-garde with melodies, he creates wonderful harmonies. Given the great opportunity afforded by the soccer World Cup, I'm proud and happy that I could work with TK.

For "TOGETHER NOW" I had in mind to create a song in praise of the tolerance and philanthropic spirit of soccer, while manifesting French sensitivity because this event will be held in my native France. TK created a music theme expressive of the energy and modernity of a soccer sport appropriate to 2000.

I believe that work completed in this fashion will be original and universal. I'm very pleased that TK remixed the song "OXYGENE 7-13" in my new remix album. Adding drums and base to the original theme created dynamism and depth, opening another dimension of the song. During the collaboration I was impressed by Tetsuya Komuro as a man of talent, sensitivity and humor, and...I found a friend.

Jean Michel Jarre 


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