Mr. Jean-Michel Jarre is named the Artistic - World Sky Race 2012

Mr. Jean-Michel Jarre, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, Artistic Director of World Sky Race
PARIS, FRANCE - Mr. Jean-Michel Jarre agreed to join the World Air League Honorary Board of Directors and will serve as Artistic Director for the Inaugural World Sky Race. Jean-Michel Jarre is a Goodwill Ambassador for UNESCO. As a performance artist, Mr. Jarre is a pioneer and a revolutionary superstar of electro-acoustic music. His unique signature concerts are a fusion of high performance analogue synthesizers choreographed with extravagant and cutting edge lasers and bold pyrotechnics. His mega-event concerts have attracted world recording setting audiences. Listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, Mr. Jarre's Oxygene concert was performed in Moscow before a live audience of 3.5 Million. The stages for his adrenalin inspired performances are timeless, epic and legendary.

In the role of UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, Mr. Jarre uses his international events as a platform to raise public awareness of UNESCO's mission. He regularly performs at UNESCO World Heritage sites, helping to promote the importance of heritage preservation to millions of people around the globe. A tireless campaigner for the rights and education of youth, he sends a powerful and positive message of tolerance, multiculturalism and respect for all to young people everywhere.

In accepting his new role, "The World Sky Race is an inspiring and audacious challenge, that the world needs today more than ever. I am greatly honored to be a part of creating this spectacular and inspiring event." - Jean-Michel Jarre.

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