Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygène 9

Oxygène 7--13 is a 1997 album of instrumental electronic music by Jean Michel Jarre, his ninth overall studio album. It is the sequel to his 1976 album Oxygène, and is dedicated to Jarre's former mentor, experimental musician Pierre Schaeffer. While the album was recorded using many of the same synthesizers as Oxygène, and the titling suggests a continuation from where the first album ends, many tracks have a more uptempo, trance-like character. The album is not as widely acclaimed as the original Oxygène, but has been quite successful nonetheless, especially among fans. Released approximately twenty years after the worldwide release of the first Oxygène, it is Jarre's final album in his traditional style (exclusive of Oxygène: New Master Recording), and thus comes full circle. It was also the last album by Jarre featuring Michel Geiss as collaborator.

"Oxygen 7", "Oxygen 8" and "Oxygen 10" have been released as singles. A number of remixes of Oxygène 7 - 13 tracks have been made, Including Those Comprising the bridge of the album Odyssey Through O2. The Orb's single "Toxygene" was originally Intended for release as a remix for the single release of "Oxygen 8", but was rejected by Jarre for being too distant from the original.

Track listing

"Oxygen 7" - 11:41
Part 1 - 4:20
Part 2 - 3:43
Part 3 - 3:38
"Oxygen 8" - 3:54
"Oxygen 9" - 6:13
Part 1 - 1:53
Part 2 - 1:56
Part 3 - 2:24
"Oxygen 10" - 4:16
"Oxygen 11" - 4:58
"Oxygen 12" - 5:40
"Oxygen 13" - 4:27


ARP 2600 synthesizer
VCS3 synthesizer
Eminent 310 Unique
Mellotron M400
Raven quasimidi
Akai MPC3000
JV 90
RMI Harmonic Synthesizer

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