Aerosystem One by Lalique and Jean-Michel Jarre


Previous item Aerosystem One by Lalique and Jean-Michel Jarre, limited edition of 999 pieces 2012 June To create this piece of work, 13 master glass-blowers blow, cut and polish crystal with their expert hands into a design that is so emblematic of LALIQUE. The artisans from LALIQUE have managed to enhance and illuminate the speaker created by Jean Michel Jarre and to raise it to the rank of a true piece of contemporary art.

A marriage of innovation and craftsmanship, born from a meeting between Silvio Denz, CEO of the prestigious house of LALIQUE, and Jean Michel Jarre, the genius of electronic music. Two worlds, which on the surface seem to be completely opposite of each other, have come together in their quest for excellence. To further their pursuit for innovation, these two men have combined their values and talents. Together, they have created an object that combines their expertise: the AeroSystem One® by LALIQUE. In one respect,

Jean Michel Jarre created the Aerosystem One® for Jarre Technologies, as the embodiment of a unique experience known for its unbeatable sound quality. In the other respect, LALIQUE cultivates its tradition of excellence and innovation by seeking new forms in new worlds.

From these two worlds, the Aerosystem One® by LALIQUE was born, a speaker with extraordinary acoustic qualities, enhanced by crystal. LALIQUE crystal, which decorates this speaker, reveals sparkling jets of water which emerge from the intriguing Masque de Femme, an iconic motif of this prestigious crystal house. This Art-Deco style mask reveals the face of a mysterious woman, with subtle features, surrounded by aquatic wildlife. Like a fingerprint, the face seems perfectly captured in the crystal.

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