Jean Michel Jarre - Talking about Teo & Tea

The album tells, in musical form, a metaphorical love story of fictional cartoon characters Téo and Téa, two lookalike creatures (one male, one female) who meet, fall in love and spend one day together . They are seen in the computer-animated video clip accompanying the title track.

Téo & Téa is of a more simplistic and playful nature than Jarre's previous albums and, like 2000's Métamorphoses, is dance-oriented.


 “ On the whole, however, I would say that it is at least a respectable album, and if it is not Jarre's best work, neither is it his worst. ”

 "Teo & Tea" is a shot of fun, hedonistic energy laced with suave groove. It also encompasses Jarre's talent as a composer and producer with strong, catchy melody lines in a singular, panoramic sound environment. The music weaves hip dynamics and sears through sensual & uplifting dancefloor beats. "Teo & Tea" is a `boy-meets-girl' story of soul mates who share similar names, similar physiques & life's ups & downs. The evolution of the music as the album unfolds could be the different moments of their fusional relationship. With this sound-of-the-times album, Jarre has come out from behind the machines to bare a more sensual, groovy and human thread. The proof is in the listening!


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