Jean Michel Jarre's Acropolis spectacle

by Christy Papadopoulou
15 Jun 2001 12:12

Pioneering composer Jean Michel Jarre plans 'an artistic, poetic tribute to
the Acropolis'
 THE LINES of a building, the slope of a hill, the outline of a skyscraper or
the visual impression of the horizon are transformed into ever-expanding
soundscapes in New Age composer Jean Michel Jarre's music.

In his first appearances in Greece ever, scheduled for June 19 and 20 at
the Irodion Theatre, the French wizard of synthesized music will
present the international premiere of Hymn to the Acropolis, as well as
a selection of older favourites "re-orchestrated for the occasion".

Synthesisers, choirs, lights, video and internet-connected computers have been
recruited for the purposes of Jarre's Acropolis composition, a futuristic
suite of sorts that aims to reflect the philosophy and art of ancient Greece.

At a recent press conference Jarre referred to the work as "an artistic,
poetic tribute to the Acropolis with the sets adapted to the architecture of
the Irodion".

"Graphics and architecture are complementary to the music," he explained,
underlining his intention to link "the respect of tradition and the past with
technology and modernity".

"I don't want to make a historical or national statement. Instead, I've tried
to come up with a poetic, emotional approach to the site," Jarre told the
press, who had gathered at the Eleftherios Venizelos airport on June 14, the
day of his arrival.

Organised by the Friends of Children with Cancer Society - Elpida,
Jarre's two sold-out charity concerts fall within the framework of the Greek
Festival. Proceeds will go towards the first oncological hospital for children
in Greece and the campaign for the return of the Parthenon Marbles.

The June 20 concert - to be broadcast live in France - marks the opening of
France's Fete de la Musique, Jarre said, adding that the June 18 dress
rehearsal will be attended free of charge by children and students of music
schools and conservatories.

Jarre, an Ambassador of Goodwill for Unesco since 1995, is a firm supporter of
the return of the Parthenon Marbles to Greece. "I do everything I can through
my work to promote this cause," he said.

A New Age/electronica pioneer, along with Brian Eno and Ruichi Sakamoto, Jarre
made his breakthrough in 1969 with The Cage. His music has influenced
many a subsequent act including New Order, Orbital, the Orb and OMD.

His groundbreaking Oxygene (1976), bridging the gap between rock and
classical music, caused a stir. Known for his spectacular audiovisual shows
and his knack for atmosphere, rhythm and melody, the million-selling performer
hasn't lost his touch for rejuvenation.

The Twelve Dreams of the Sun, his 12-hour Millennium show in Egypt, and
his 1990 Paris performance Paris- La Defense, A City in Concert
attended by a Guinness record 2.5 million-strong audience have made history.

 Source: athensnews.gr

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