Driven by the continuous regression in the quality of our consuming of music, Jarre Technologies devised AeroSystem One with the aim to retrieve and restore the lost sound that has been so meticulously produced in state-of-the-art recording studios: it is time for home-entertainment to be true to the genesis of the initial emotion created by the musicians in the studio.

AeroSystem One is the result of four years research and development by Jean Michel Jarre and his team of sound engineers. Conceptualised in France, this powerful sound-system can accept all digital formats, from MP3, AAC, WMA, etc. AeroSystem One is compatible with all iPod and iPhone models and comes with an integrated USB 2.0 port, as well as a mini-jack port offering the possibility to connect the system to a laptop, a CD / DVD player, smartphones, hard-disk files, as well as a vinyl turn-table. AeroSystem One incorporates an electronic signal circuit, tailor-made to reproduce both the bass line and high notes with optimal precision.

AeroSystem One delivers a precise and enveloping sound thanks to its powerful box beam and two directional speakers.

The ultimately elegant design of the AeroSystem One, perfectly integrates into any interior, with its aesthetic ambition while privileging optimum audio quality, all at a most affordable price: a sound-system that appeals both to design and music-lovers.

LALIQUE crystal, which decorates this speaker, reveals sparkling jets of water which emerge from the intriguing Masque de Femme, an iconic motif of this prestigious crystal house. This Art-Deco style mask reveals the face of a mysterious woman, with subtle features, surrounded by aquatic wildlife. Like a fingerprint, the face seems perfectly captured in the crystal. To create this piece of work, 13 master glass-blowers blow, cut and polish crystal with their expert hands into a design that is so emblematic of LALIQUE.

The artisans from LALIQUE have managed to enhance and illuminate the speaker created by Jean Michel Jarre and to raise it to the rank of a true piece of contemporary art.

                Aerosystem Black


Mute and volume control

30-pin for iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone
Auxiliary input for mini-jack 3.5 mm
USB with WMA & MP3 decoder

Total power 120 W
1 subwoofer 60 W RMS
2 speakers 2 x 30 W RMS

iPod and iPhone functions

200 V ~ 240 V - 50/60 Hz

Height: 1085 mm (42.7 in)
Diameter: 115 mm (4.5 in)
Base external diameter: 260 mm (10.2 in)

Stainless steel and Lalique crystal

This product is part of :
Limited Editions Art - Aerosystem by JM Jarre



       Silvio Denz, CEO of Lalique : the worship of excellence

CEO of Lalique since 2008, Silvio Denz's vision is clear: make Lalique one of the most daring lifestyle of luxury brands. Lalique, French jewel of crystal shines around five pillars: perfume, jewelry, decorative items, interior decoration and art. For each of these activities, Silvio Denz wishes to continue the creative genius of its founder Rene Lalique.

Silvio DENZ was born on September 14th, 1956 in Basel. After business studies and various activities in the fields of finance, trade and marketing either in Switzerland or abroad, he developed, between 1980 and 2000, Switzerland’s greatest chain of perfumeries with more than 100 points of sale and 750 collaborators. In 2000, he sold his company in 2000 to the French perfumery chain "Marionnaud" to found ART & FRAGRANCE S.A.

Today, Silvio DENZ is the President and major shareholder of ART & FRAGRANCE, whose headquarter is located in Zollikerberg - Zurich. This public Group, listed at the the BX Bern eXchange in Switzerland, is devoted mainly to creation, the production and the international distribution of various brands of perfumes and cosmetics. As Art & Fragrance acquired Lalique SA in February 2008, Silvio Denz became Lalique’s CEO

As a wine amateur, Silvio DENZ founded the company Suisse Ermitage Holding S.A in 1999. Owner of the largest wine auction house in Switzerland "Les Grands Vins Wermuth S.A", he also holds two companies of wine trade in Zurich and the   “Clos d’Agon" vineyard in Catalonia. 

In March 2005, Silvio DENZ acquired “Château Faugères”, “Grand Cru” of Saint-Emilion, owned by the Guisez family since 1823 and which extends on 80 hectares. The wines of Château Faugères count among the best wines of Bordeaux are regularly noted between 92 and 96 out of 100 by Robert Parker. 

Summer 2007, Silvio DENZ acquired the “Château de Chambrun” in the Lalande-de-Pomerol region of France and a significant participation in the Montepeloso vineyard in Tuscany.

Since 2002, Silvio DENZ lives in England where he actively participates to the real estate business in London. Beside architecture, one of his passions is art. His collection includes masterpieces from various periods. 

But its greatest passion as an Art Collector is for RENE LALIQUE. Silvio DENZ has been collecting his works for nearly 20 years, mainly perfume bottles but also vases and jewelry. All the pieces he owns are first-rate works of art. Iin particular, he acquired the world’s three largest collections: that of Glenn and Mary Lou Utt, that of David Weinstein and that of Marie-Claude Lalique. 

Today, Silvio DENZ’s collection of René Lalique’s works is probably the most complete and most important of all.

                                 INVITATION  ON  A  JOURNEY

A journey through the history of a man:
A fi gure in Art nouveau and Art Deco,
Creator of jewelry, in glass and crystal,
A poet, father of a timeless heritage
An avant-garde genius of his time.
A return to the origins of life:
Of myths and symbols,
Of the elements: Water, Earth, Air and Fire
The origins of nature: fauna and fl ora
Meticulously explored.
Exploring the fi nest craftsmanship:
Alchemic transformation
The sketching motion, vivid lines
Gems, metals, enamels, crystals
Heated and cooled: into living jewels.
Discovering a jeweler of emotion:
The poetic recreation of the world
Into an «enchanting cosmogony»
Of which women: nymphs, goddesses, fairies
Are the eternal guardians.

LALIQUE - The jewelry collection "l'Odyssée du Feu Sacré" 

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