Jean Michel Jarre - light show on hold

Yolanda Zaw, The West Australian Updated December 4, 2012

The West Australian © Jarre light show on hold

French electronic music legend Jean Michel Jarre will not be coming to Perth as planned next year and it is uncertain whether his "light and sound extravaganza", which was to be held at Langley Park in March, will go ahead at all.

According to event organiser Maryanne Bell, Jarre's Rendezvous Perth, originally planned for March 23, would have attracted up to 100,000 people and pumped $30 million into the Perth economy.

But plans for the event have been pushed back to 2014 after the State Government, through Eventscorp, refused to sponsor the event.

Eventscorp chief executive Gwyn Dolphin said the money requested by the organisers and the short timeframe between the application and the event date meant they were unable to support the event for next year.

Mr Dolphin said Eventscorp would reconsider sponsorship of the concert for 2014 after assessing it against the relevant criteria.

The City of Perth will also reconsider a funding request for $100,000 for 2014.

Ms Bell said although she was disappointed, the event would be even more spectacular in 2014 when many of Perth's infrastructure projects would be completed.

Source: au.news

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