A mysterious message has appeared on Jarre's official FB page.

Jean-Michel Jarre | Facebook


Mysterious black profile image  that was uploaded a few of days ago. 

Is this a hint of things to come?

18 June

20 June

23 June

25 June

            27 June

Pioneering synthesist Jean Michel Jarre shared this awesome photo of his vintage gear-filled synth lair, which is, he notes, “where the magic happens.”


When faced with electronic instruments, oscillators and all these kind of strange machines, it occurred to me that mixing colours and mixing audio frequencies is actually the same thing. 

You are a craftsman, you are a painter, mixing colours and textures.


I got my first Fairlight synth in 1979 when it was first created. Here I am with its inventor Peter Vogel.


The challenge in being a solo act with all my synths, is hoping to be in control of everything in the same time...



The original tape recording of Happiness is a Sad Song from 1969.

I love this contemporary visual interpretation: 


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