Taiwanese Artists, CMW, NMS, JMJ and GCA Meet at MIDEM for Global Collaboration Talks

Taipei, Taiwan (PRWEB) February 14, 2014

MandoPop singers have great influence on 2 billon audiovisual consumers in the Greater China Region, while Taiwanese Artists/Composers/Producers created 90% of MandoPop.

“Voices” of Taiwan – A-Lin, Shin, Xiao Yu and O-Kai Singers, recently attended “the Olympics of music business” – MIDEM in Cannes, France. For many years, top performers from around the world have merged here at MIDEM, and this year will not be an exception as top Taiwanese Artists participated in this world-class event. Taiwan Collaboration Press Conference and the Taiwan Music Night received tons of attention from international media, music labels, managers and industry professionals. 

The event presented by Taiwan Ministry of Culture, Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development (BAMID) and its executive partner GCA Entertainment have successfully drawn everyone’s awareness on Taiwanese Artists and Global Collaboration in the past. “The Chinese Beatles” - Mayday in 2012 MIDEM, and “Asian Queen of Pop” - Jolin Tsai in 2013 MIDEM have all garnered close attention from international professionals, e.g. French music legend Jean Michel Jarre invited Jolin to join his “Oxygen Project”; and French Culture and Communications Minister, Aurélie Filippetti, personally visited the Taiwan Pavilion at MIDEM in 2013 to welcome cultural exchange.

The Taiwan Collaboration Press Conference had an exceptional turnout this year. It began with a short speech by Ambassador Michel Ching-long Lu (Bureau de Représentation de Taipei en France), who gave his thoughts and praises on the Taiwan Artists for their affiliation to the Western World and enhanced cultural exchange between Taiwan and the international community. He also welcomed foreign Artists to work with Taiwanese Artists to bring music culture to a new extent and encouraged collaboration with cross-industry businesses from Taiwan.

Director of the Entertainment Division of Reed MIDEM, Jérôme Delhaye, was present to thank GCA Entertainment and Taiwan government’s support towards MIDEM by hosting Taiwan Pavilion and Taiwan Music Night in recent years. General Manager of New Music Seminar (NMS), Peter Schwinge, then brought up the topic about business potential in Asia and the talent that Taiwanese Artists possess; and President of Canadian Music Week (CMW), Neill Dixon, carried on by promoting his CMW Exhibitions in May and their willingness to collaborate with businesses from Asia to expand the music industry.

Later that night, Taiwanese Artists put on a show at Taiwan Music Night, and demonstrated exactly why they lead the MandoPop market. The first performance was presented by the a cappella group, O-Kai Singers, who have already established themselves internationally in Holland, Austria, Italy, US, Canada, Japan and other Asian territories. Shin carried on the show with his explosive rock music, whether its slow or upbeat songs, he put the Taiwanese Pop-Rock strength on the display. The multi-talented singer, songwriter, composer and actor, Xiao Yu, showed his tremendous singing ability with various genres of songs. This Taiwanese all-around musician not only self-produced all four of his albums, but has also produced numerous top award-winning Mandarin artists over his 10-year career. The night ended astounded by “the Born Diva” A-Lin, her up-tempo duet with Xiao Yu was phenomenal and brought the crowds’ emotion to the top of their heads. She also demonstrated her Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey influences with many of her top hits from her 6 albums.

Their amazing voices caught everyone’s attention, and endless applause and cheers went on during their entire showcase. Multiple industry professionals showed their interest immediately after the show, and requested to meet the Artists afterwards.

The potential that Taiwan Pop Music holds is not the creativity; it’s that market-leading benchmark effect. In the current Digital Era, more than 50% of the world population shops and reviews through mobile devices online each day. Amongst them, the wealthiest 2 billion consumers are from the Greater China Region. According to China Mobile’s last census, 90% of MandoPop consumptions are either created, produced or A&Red from (or affiliated with) Taiwan. In other words, Taiwan Pop Music has the most influence in world’s biggest market – Greater China Market, where potential innovative business models will thrive.

GCA Entertainment stands at a very unique position between the government and the industry. First of all, the amplification of Taiwanese pop music lies on a bidding process hosted by the Ministry of Culture, BAMID. Private business companies in the industry will then engage in a series of bidding process for the right to execute and this is where GCA Entertainment has became very unique and crucial to the government in their policy utilization in recent years.

Secondly, GCA has been pushing its concept of Global Collaboration partnership, which emphasizes the importance of interchanging collective industry resources in technology, brands, A&R, and show design to assist the artists with their performances; and GCA believes that this cross-industry collaboration will generate a greater market in the current digital era.

Through MIDEM, GCA Entertainment not only assisted Mayday with their London concert that sold over 12,500 tickets, which also helped A-Mei with her London performance that sold over 25,000 tickets, but also garnered a partnership between Live Nation and B’in Music (Mayday), which led to their recent global tour in North America and throughout Europe. Furthermore, GCA also assisted Joanna Wang, Miss Ko and Da Mouth to showcase at CMJ (College Music Journal) Music Marathon, where New York Times, MYV Iggy and CMJ CEO/President, Alexis d’Amecourt, had positive reviews and appraisals for the Taiwanese Pop Music.

Music business and cross-industry collaboration is now becoming the trend for interpreting global music industry. Taiwan has been the centerpiece in the Greater China region for decades, artists from parts of the region seek to breach into Taiwan for collaboration opportunities. Now the gate is open for Western Artists and resources to step in the Mandarin/Chinese market as GCA believes, by sharing the 2 billion Chinese audiovisual market with the Western world, we can collectively entice the 4 billion global market.

 Source: prweb

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