Jean Michel Jarre - Europe In Concert (Sevilla 1993)

Europe In Concert - 1993 (2. October 1993 - Sevilla, Spain)

Jarre embarked on his first tour in 1993. The tour, which was named "Europe in Concert", which naturally took him around most of Europe, but not Scandinavia. The idea of a tour arose around the collaboration with Swatch the previous year...they sponsored the total of sixteen concerts, the first being set on the tidal island of Mont Saint Michel, in France. Laser beams and lights were projected onto the buildings on the island and the stage was placed in front of the island itself during ebb tide. The stage and the scenery for this tour was like a miniature city skyline which Jarre carried across the continent.
During the same year Jarre released Chronologie, his first studio album in three years, and this new composition was central to the tour's repertoire. As a whole, the tour was seen by 650,000 people.


Special thanks to Ricardo Melo for sharing: www.jarrefan.com.br

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