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Shocking: Jean Michel Jarre beheaded by one of the lasers used in his Paris show


The public was horrified after realizing the event they witnessed wasn’t one of the special effects, but just a very nasty cut.
Paris, France. Famous French composer Jean Michel Jarre lost his life late last night during his concert on the famous “Stade de France” arena, before no less than 45,000 people.

After the incident police officials were quoted saying it all happened very fast, probably because of a faulty laser the artist used in his light show.

One of the late composer’s colleagues, still in shock, stated; “I had always advised him to protect his head as well as his hands whenever he used those damn laser devices! I could just see the green ray as it decapitated him to cheers from the crowd, who believed initially it was all part of the performance’s special script!”

Shortly after the tragic incident, representatives from the Guinness book of records announced they are registering the incident as the highest-attended decapitation in human history.

The previous record belonged to Iran, where a summary execution on a sports stadium in Tehran managed to gather a crowd of 37,000.

Source: thesnirt

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