On 23 September, CISAC - the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers - organised a unique lobbying event aimed at bringing the voice of world-renowned creators to the debate on global copyright. 


In a special lobbying event organised by CISAC, six creators from different countries spoke to delegates about their priorities, concerns and vision for the future of copyright. 

Titled “A Sustainable Future for Authors”, the panel included Jean Michel Jarre, Hervé Di Rosa (Visual Artist from France, Vice-President of French visual art society ADAGP and Chair of CIAGP, the  International Council for Visual Arts); Angèle Diabang (Director and Screenwriter from Senegal); Daphna Levin (TV Screenwriter and Director from Israel);Vinod Ranganath (Playwright, Screenwriter and Director from India); and Eddie Schwartz (Songwriter, Co-Chair of Music Creators North American (MCNA) and President of the Songwriters Association of Canada). WIPO’s Director General, Francis Gurry joined the panellists to conclude the discussion.

The panel emphasized to policy-makers the important role of creators in the new digital economy. It focused on the power of creativity as a source of economic development; the need to secure a sustainable creative eco-system; the crucial role of collective management in the digital world; and the need for a dialogue between all stakeholders on business models that ensure fair remuneration for creators.

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Source: wipo

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