Film Composers Rank the 10 Greatest Scores of All Time - Maurice Jarre

Nov 14, 2012

Variety recently polled 40 active film composers and asked them to name the three best original movie scores of all time in order of preference. Have a look at their top 10 (11) scores and composers after the jump.

They measured the results of their poll by taking each composer’s top three, and awarded three points to the highest ranked score, two points to the next, and one point for the score they ranked third. Then, with the assistance of ASCAP and BMI, they tallied the numbers to arrive at the top ten (which, thanks to ties, became a top eleven). Ennio Morricone’s theme from The Mission (1986) surprisingly topped their list, while John Williams (Jaws, Star Wars) was the most recognized composer.

Below their selections :

The Top 10 Scores:

 The Top 10 Composers:

You can check out more details of Variety's poll here.


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