Jean Michel Jarre - Tout Est Bleu

Jarre released Métamorphoses, his first vocal album, in 2000. The entire album was mixed on an early version of Pro Tools, a digital audio workstation designed to record, edit and play back digital audio. The compositions and their arrangement on this techno-based album co-produced with Joachim Garraud marked a departure from Jarre's previous style. Sound effects used include radio interference from mobile phones (used on the track "Tout est Bleu"), and Macintalk, a Macintosh program used to generate lyrics on the track "Love, Love, Love". Laurie Anderson makes her second guest appearance in the Jarre discography (her first was on Zoolook on the track "Diva". Other contributors include Natacha Atlas and Sharon Corr.

"Looking back, I enjoyed the album, [Oxygène 7--13] but after I finished it I knew that I had to make a fresh start. I had to go somewhere completely different. Metamorphoses is like a blank page for me, a new beginning.

—Jean Michel Jarre,

Track list:

1. Je Me Souviens
2. C'est La Vie
3. Rendez-vous A Paris
4. Hey Gagarin
5. Millions Of Stars
6. Tout Est Bleu
7. Love Love Love
8. Bells
9. Miss Moon
10. Give Me A Sign
11. Gloria, Lonely Boy
12. Silhouette


Tout est bleu

Pas d'amélioration
Des nuages
Du mauvais temps en prévision
No signs of any clearance
before the end of next week
il y a du sable jaune dans le vent
Gale force winds are to be expected
at high altitudes
Mais tout est bleu
Dans tes yeux
Des nuages sont attendus
pour la fin de journée
Rain and hail storms
should be no surprise
late afternoon
Low temperatures
Le soleil n'apparaitra
Pas du tout
Pas du tout
Pas du tout

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