Holiday Habit Interview 15 September 2010

Musical maestro and he of the swirling lasers, Jean-Michel Jarre, talks travel to SHORTLISTS Ryanair Magazine.




Jean Michel Jarre

“HOLIDAYING IS AN UNUSUAL CONCEPT for me. I consider a holiday as being able to spend a section of your life doing things that are totally different from what you are used to. That is why the current world tour I am on is so addictive. Yes, I’m working but I’m also travelling all over the world and doing things that I wouldn’t normally be doing, therefore making every day different.

“I have always felt very lucky to be doing something that I have a passion for, but because of this it can be difficult to share my time between holiday and work. I try to mix both as much as I can.

“As well as the opportunity to entertain, I like to see my touring schedule as a fantastic opportunity to learn more about that particular city or country, and to travel through it. I have also found that when you are working abroad the people around you are so fantastically authentic. I think that by working in a place you feel like you are becoming more of an insider. For instance, when I was in Egypt for three months in 1999 preparing for the Millennium celebration concert at the base of the pyramids of Giza, it was a wonderful opportunity to work alongside Egyptian people and truly understand their culture and learn about the country.

“Sometimes I find it hard to get away on a traditional holiday, as I am constantly looking to better each project that I complete. I am always thinking of ways to start up different projects, and doing that is like a vacation from what I was just doing. It’s like a mental holiday. But a real physical holiday is always very welcome!

“I must admit, I am looking forward to having a whole three weeks off soon. I’m going to head down to the south of France where I have a house near St Tropez, relax and try to get myself back into proper shape. I don’t know how possible that will be because I have lots of friends coming to visit. One thing is for sure, there will be plenty of good food, good wine and good company.”


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