Jean Michel Jarre - September 14

 Sessions 2000 is an album by Jean Michel Jarre, released on Disques Dreyfus and distributed by Sony Music in 2002. It was released in the U.S. in early 2003. It is his eleventh overall studio album.

The album was partly created so he could be free from his contract with Sony Music. Therefore it is not so commercially minded. The style is ambient, lounge, chill-out and jazz and the recordings are made from jam sessions. After 2000's Métamorphoses, Jarre somewhat returned to his usual formula with this album, with it consisting of six long, instrumental tracks (like Oxygène), although this time there are short breaks between the tracks, and the track titles are different dates spread over a year (presumably the year 2000, given the album's title), instead of the tracks being indicated as "parts". It is not clear what these dates represent. Some modern synthesizer workstations were heavily used, most notably the Korg Triton and the Roland XP-80. Some of the sounds in this album were used earlier on Interior Music released in 2001.

The CD does not come with an actual booklet. The album cover is just printed on cardboard, with the track listing and credits on the back side.

Track listing:

1. "January 24" -- 5:57
2. "March 23" -- 8:02
3. "May 1" -- 4:49
4. "June 21" -- 6:18
5. "September 14" -- 9:30
6. "December 17" -- 8:11

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