Jean Michel Jarre Is a Mac User

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 Electronic, Synthpop and New Age pioneer (and my personal favorite) Jean Michel Jarre is a Mac user! The brilliant artist uses 4 Macs to get things done - 2 Mac Pro Quad Core, 1 Power Mac G5 and 1 15 inch MacBook Pro, as far as hardware goes, but also Logic Pro and Apple's own GarageBand for composing, mixing and managing projects.

Apple France scored an interview with
the French composer, revealing that his long-time collaborator, Patrick Pelamourges, was the guy who introduced Jarre to the Mac in 1982, about the time Les Concerts En Chine was released. A few excerpts are available below.
"As a musician, how do you run Pro Logic and GarageBand?" Apple France asked. A rough translation of Jarre's answer goes something like

"I use Logic Pro a lot," says Jarre. "Everything is integrated, there is no external interface, it's fantastic. I use it as a wholesale sequencer, it is the brain of registration. It is also installed on my MacBook Pro. I will soon go on tour and I'll be able to continue to work on my next album." As for GarageBand, Jarre puts Apple's software to good use turning it into a "notepad to mark all [his] musical ideas."

 "I think that there is unity in access to software," Jarre reveals, talking about what the Mac can offer on the extra. "This consistency is the same in all areas: image, word processing, audio, editinge The familiarization with a new Apple software is so easy."

Also noting small stuff such as how he finds the MacBook Pro's trackpad more convenient to use, him being left-handed and all, Jarre concludes by saying: "I really appreciate Apple's mindset and I hope they continue to do what they are"

Jean Michel Jarre is best known for his amazing outdoor performances, but also for the unique, custom-built instruments he used in the good ol' days, such as the Theremin, the Laser Harp and the Stylophone. Lately, Jarre has found new toys to play with, namely his Macs.

 Source: news.softpedia.com/news/

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