Jean Michel Jarre - Fishing Junks At Sunset (The Symphonic)

Credits of Symphonic Jean Michel Jarre.

Reynold da Silva - Executive
Pete Compton - Release Coordinator
Gareth Williams - Guitar, Percussion, Mastering, Electronics, Recording, Mixing, Associate Producer, Keyboards, Arranger
City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra - Orchestra
Janet Fitzpatrick - Executive Producer
Gary Thomas - Choir, Chorus
Nic Raine - Arranger, Conductor, Associate Producer
Reynold da Silva - Executive
David Stoner - Executive
David Temple - Choir Master
Stephen Southam - Release Coordinator
Crouch End Festival Chorus - Choir, Chorus
James Fitzpatrick - Producer, Concept
Jan Holzner - Engineer
Charlotte Kinder - Soprano (Vocal)
Damien Doherty - Artwork, Design
Peter Compton - Release Coordinator
Rick Clark - Release Coordinator
Jean Michel Jarre - Composer

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