Jarre spectacular unanimously approved - Langley Park on November 17. 2012

                                          EXCLUSIVE MARCH 13 UPDATE

The city of Perth tonight unanimously approved an electronic music extravanganza to be held beside the majestic Swan River by electronic music pioneer Jean Michel Jarre.

 The legendary French musician, 63, holds the music world’s crowd-pulling record of 3.5 million fans to a single gig.
He plans to hold an 80,000-fan spectacular at Langley Park on November 17.
Following tonight’s council approval, it will now be up to Jarre’s people to deliver the logistically-challenging light and sound spectacular.
Perth company ITM Productions – which is handling local formalities – has confirmed Jarre will come to Perth.
Government of Western Australia cheer-leading agency Eventscorp has not yet confirmed if it will chip in for the concert.
A fortnight ago, oneperth.com.au was first to reveal details of Jarre’s bold bid.
If the mercurial musician can pull off the so-called ‘Rendez-Vous Perth’ show it will be free to the public – except for 8000 privileged patrons holding gold, VIP and corporate tickets.

If all goes to the plan approved tonight, Langley Park will be locked down for a month from October 26 to November 26.
This would allow massive stages and stands to be erected and dismantled.
To help concert-goers see Jarre, six giant screens would rise along the length of Langley Park.
Staff of the clandestine City of Perth had recommended the gigantic gig be approved because it would give Western Australians a “rare opportunity to experience such a visually exciting free concert”.
Social media comments in the wake of the original oneperth.com.au story indicate Perth could see a big influx of Jarre fans from around the globe.
Jarre holds several world records for large outdoor concert audiences – the ultimate being when he played for an audience of 3.5 million people to celebrate the 850th birthday of Moscow.
Source:  www.oneperth.com.au

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