Deserted Palace 1972 - Full Album

Deserted Palace is an album of experimental instrumental electroacoustic music composed and produced by Jean Michel Jarre, and released on Sam Fox Records in 1972. It is Jarre's very first album, released four years before his breakthrough album, Oxygène. It was an album of library music, intended for use in television programmes, adverts, films, and so forth. It has not been subsequently re-released, although it is widely available as a bootleg. On 30 May 2011, several tracks from this album were officially released on the Essentials & Rarities compilation album.

Track listing:
Side one

"Poltergeist Party" -- 2:16
"Music Box Concerto" -- 2:46
"Rain Forest Rap Session" -- 1:44
"A Love Theme For Gargoyles" -- 1:15
"Bridge Of Promises" -- 3:19
"Exasperated Frog" -- 0:51
"Take Me To Your Leader" -- 2:00
"Deserted Palace" -- 2:27
"Pogo Rock" -- 1:08

Side two

"Wind Swept Canyon" -- 7:44
"The Abominable Snowman" -- 0:56
"Iraqi Hitch Hiker" -- 2:32
"Free Floating Anxiety" -- 2:19
"Synthetic Jungle" -- 1:43
"Bee Factory" -- 1:00


Jean Michel Jarre -- ARP, EMS Synthi AKS, VCS 3 synthesizer, Farfisa organ

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