CISAC Releases 2015 Global Collections Report (Foreword - Jean Michel Jarre)

Foreword - Jean Michel Jarre

As the President of an organisation that represents more than three million creators – music composers like me, lyricists, film directors and screenwriters, painters, photographers and many other creative people – I am delighted to introduce
this royalties report.

CISAC member societies work tirelessly and efficiently around the world to collect and distribute royalties from the use of our creative works. They have managed to maintain a high level of collections in 2013 despite a tough economic climate and an even tougher copyright environment – a testimony to the hard work done on behalf
of creators by our authors’ societies.

The relationship that we have with our authors' societies is very special and quite often misunderstood. Let's be clear: authors' rights ensure us rewards for our creative endeavours. It is fair compensation for the use of our works. We have
empowered our societies – represented by CISAC – to guarantee that our rights are respected and our royalties collected.

Creators are the singular force behind the works – films, paintings, songs, books, poems, pictures – that millions around the world enjoy. Yet we are often at the mercy of groups that control the channels of distribution of our works. This is acutely
felt in today's digital ecosystem where creators are the most fragile element. For this reason, we rely heavily on our authors'societies and CISAC to take care of our interests. Alone, we are vulnerable, but when we combine our strengths, via the
societies that represent us and protect our works, we have a voice.

As creators, we are attached to the fairly simple and extremely modern concept of collective management of rights. This is a system that allows us to devote time to creation, with the insurance that even the most modest use of our works
will be tracked and remunerated. This collection report shows that creators in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australasia and Europe fully benefit from this system. Let's make sure that it continues to successfully serve the wide community
of creators for many years to come.


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