International Update: CISAC opens new Asia Pacific regional office in Beijing

The new Asia Pacific headquarters for the International Confederation of Authors and Composers Societies (CISAC) has officially opened in Beijing. The regional office relocated to China from the previous location in Singapore. The office will coordinate the protection and promotion of author’s interests and of societies in the region.

The Chinese government has supported the opening of the regional office in Beijing. It comes at an interesting time with the third revision of the Chinese Copyright law underway. China is looking for assistance from International organisations like CISAC to build viable copyright administration to support their cultural industries. This recent trip afforded APRA AMCOS the opportunity to meet with various Chairs and executives from Asian societies. It allowed for important discussions on cooperation in on-line licensing of global digital service providers rolling out services in the region.

Representatives from the National Copyright Administration of China (NCAC) attended the opening ceremony, including its Director General. Other senior officials from the National People’s Congress, the State Council, Supreme People’s Court and the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles also attended as well as senior Chinese IP academics.

CISAC’s President, Jean-Michel Jarre, delivered the keynote speech for the event. CISAC’s Director General, Olivier Hinnewinkel, CISAC’s Chairperson Kenth Muldin and the new Asia Pacific Regional Director, Benjamin Ng also delivered presentations. The ceremony was covered extensively by Chinese media – assisting in the huge task of copyright awareness and capacity building in China.
APRA Chairperson Jenny Morris and Director of International, Scot Morris represented APRA AMCOS. Scot has recently been re-elected as Chair of the CISAC Asia Pacific Committee.  Jenny and Scot also took the opportunity to meet with senior executives from the Chinese collecting society MCSC. They also visited the Australian Embassy in Beijing, where they met with senior officers in the Commerce and Culture sections. They discussed supporting APRA AMCOS members touring to China, possible touring circuits and Song Hubs. As well as APRA AMCOS submissions on the copyright provisions in the China- Australia Free Trade Agreement, which now has an accelerated completion date.

After the opening ceremony, CISAC, in association with NCAC, conducted a seminar on copyright and collective management of rights. Scot chaired a panel on the role of collective management organisations for creators. The panel included Jean-Michel Jarre, composer Lorenzo Ferrero the Chair of the International Composers Committee (CIAM), Billy Koh, a songwriter from Singapore, and songwriter and Executive Director of MCSC, Li Haiying.  Scot also presented a paper on government regulation and governance of collecting societies.

Source: apra-amcos.com.au

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