Welcome to the dotmusic chat with Jean-Michel Jarre (30/06/2000)

dotmusic: Jean-Michel will be here to chat at 5pm (UK time)please be patient

 dotmusic: Jean-Michel is here - let's go

 Martin Pollard from UK asks: Do you have any say or input over your jarre.com website, and are you aware of the state of it is in, especially the fans forum that has been ruined by a mindless few?

 Jean-Michel: I'm aware of the forum and I feel good about the fact that poeople are talking about my work and expressing themselves

 Wayne Morris from nowhere asks: I was wondering. Do you ever think about the day when you will decide to retire from doing your concerts and if so do you plan to give one final spectacular and at what location might that be?

 Jean-Michel: On the moon

 Loïc F from Belgium asks: Who get the idea to involve Eiffel65 on the teb remixes ?

 Jean-Michel: It was the Italian record company - a good friend of mine who was in touch with them. They loved my work and I decided to get in touch.

 Jon Langenes from nowhere asks: What is your favorite analog synth?

 Jean-Michel: It's the English putney VCS3 - one of the first European synths at the same time as the Moog

 Jeroen Visch from Netherlands asks: How do you feel about join forces with Emma Shaplin for a song/composition?

 Jean-Michel: It would be great. I love here voice very much

 Michael Kjær Sønderskov from nowhere asks: Mr Jarre, Will you release some of you old concerts on DVD? Votes show that we are many woh wants them!?

 Jean-Michel: I would. Dvd requires 5 to 1 sound and top quality images. It needs lots of work and I'm working on releasing dvds in the future

 Howie from UK asks: Jean Michel, what do you think of your fans making remixes of your music, for non-profit performance, and broadcast over the internet. Are you for or against this?

 Jean-Michel: I'm totally for it.

 Zbyszek from Poland asks: Hello. Are you planning to make more "classical", old-style album in the future?

 Daniel Stevens from Germany asks: I miss your old style of music! Will you ever return to your 70's-80's style or will it be a fusion of old and new?

 Jean-Michel: I don't really know what you mean. I would like to belnd those styles with what's going on today in the electronic field

 Jean-Michel: I think I've just answered that. I'm mixing both worlds on a project at the moment.

 Andy from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada asks: Jean-Michel, your music has been influenced by different cultures, what is your "take" on Reggae music... any plans... ?

 Jean-Michel: No plans. I love reggae music and it's true I've never been involved so far with reggae artists.

 Aleksandar from Australia asks: Taking into account today's technology, what advice would you give an aspiring composer? Should he struggle to be accepted by a record company or simply channel his every effort into promoting his music through the internet?

 Jean-Michel: I think it's complimentary - the offline and online. They are both good routes. It depends on the situation. You have to respect both worlds.

 wulumulu from nowhere asks: Nice to meet you again, Mr Jarre. Q: Why was Metamorphoses never released in the US?

 Jean-Michel: It's going to be released later this year. It's been delayed for record company reasons.

 BigJarreFan from Netherlands asks: Jean-Michel can you tell me when you will give your next concert ?, and where ?

 Jean-Michel: It could be on the internet - probably from Asia and Denmark maybe the end of the year

 BigJarreFan from The Netherlands asks: Are you working on a new Album ?

 Jean-Michel: I'm working on a new musical project linked with an internet performance

 wulumulu from nowhere asks: How did you come to the decision of releasing Tout Est Bleu as the next single rather than, say, Hey Gargarin ?

 Jean-Michel: Gargarin is dance track,I think Tout Est Bleu seemed more appropriate for the summer time. Garagarin should be the next one.

 Aleksandar from Australia asks: Jean-Michel, hello from Australia! When will you be visiting us down here?

 Jean-Michel: I hope soon. I hope to tour in Australia and maybe going to Ayres Rock - that would be interesting but this project will take me quite a while

 Alya from Egypt asks: How was your visit to Egypt in the Millennium 2000 ?

 Jean-Michel: It went very well. We were honoured to be invited and it went very well and was a big success

 glenn folkvord from nowhere asks: Bonsoir Jean-Michel, Metamorphoses was a departure for you, with lyrics and a new musical style. What lesson did it teach you?

 Jean-Michel: As soona s you put words onto music you are more personal and more intimate and start telling stories and not only making soundscapes. I found it a great experience, very different. In the future I'd like to mix both

 Dave Freeman from nowhere asks: How do you feel fans are now in control of your official website?

 Jean-Michel: It was actually my decision. Fans are the best people to be involved to refresh the website which is the main issue after a while

 Coen 'n' Fedor from Sabern asks: What are the names of your cat and your dog?

 Jean-Michel: Greta for the dog and the cat is Blackie

 Varthall from trieste, Italy asks: What about releasing again an album for free, as you did with Music for Supermarkets?

 Jean-Michel: Maybe something I may do on my website soon as an experience. It may happen

 Lina Panova from nowhere asks: Jean-Lina-are you single?

 BigJarreFan from The Netherlands asks: What do you children think about your music ?

 Jean-Michel: I think they probably like some of it but certainly not all of it. It's different for a girl and boy - I don't know

 MD from England asks: Jean-Michel, are you aware of the jarre@clic.net electronic discussion mailing list, which now consists of 1000 fans continually discussing your work?

 Jean-Michel: Yes I am aware of it and I'm really honoured by all of this. I would like to involve this community around my new website

 Milan from Slovakia asks: Remixes of your songs have been lately discussed. Some fans like them, some not because they claim that the original idea is destroyed by that. What is your opinion on that ?

 Jean-Michel: I think the idea of remixing is to create a new version. In each case it is a matter of discussions.

 dotmusic: Have you been watching Euro 2000

 Jean-Michel: Absolutelyt. I won a bet because I said from the beginning that the Final would be France v Italy. I think we have a very strong team and I'm glad the Italians are exhausted by the semi-final. They were great.

 andreas from greece asks: Metamorphoses was your only album that u didn´t reveal the instruments u used in its booklet.Why is that?

 Coen 'n' Fedor from Sabern asks: Was working with a co-producer different than working/producing alone?

 Jean-Michel: Because I worked in a different way with Pro Tools and I did a lot of things from this software. I promise next time I will produce the list again.

 Jean-Michel: It's interesting working with someone else. You can have an exchange on the process and it's not the same as working with musicians

 Daniel Stevens from Germany asks: If France should win the Euro2000 final, will you stage another big show in honour of their victory, just like in 1998?

 Jean-Michel: Actually I heard the Belgian organisation were thinking of using the new single for the French team. No plans for a show at the moment

 Tim Page from UK asks: Who would you most like to collaborate with and why? Would you consider working with Kraftwerk, Mike Oldfield or Vangelis?

 Jean-Michel: With Vangelis I always thought that could be interesting. Otherwise I'd consider more working with Jacques Le Conte from Les Rhythmes Digitales or Orbital or Leftfield.

 wulumulu from nowhere asks: Have you ever listened to a piece of music and thought "I wish I had written that!", what piece would it be?

 Jean-Michel: Lots. John Lennon's 'Imagine' and Peter Gabriel's 'Passion' and Chemical Brothers not the last album the one before

 simon from Wales asks: I read in an interview that you used some of the old fairlight samples on the new album. Do you still use the old monster ?

 Jean-Michel: Lots. John Lennon's 'Imagine' and Peter Gabriel's 'Passion' and Chemical Brothers not the last album the one before

 Georgina Mills from United Kingdom asks: As penguins feature so much in your concerts, would you concider a pet penguin?

 Jean-Michel: That would be my dream. They can't live in Europe otherwise I would have one. They are always dfressed formal - and the ideal butler and clapping at the right time

 Jem from London asks: what was the last album you bought? or what are you listening to at home?

 Jean-Michel: I'm very into Cafe Del Mar - Ibiza music because it's summer. Number 6 is my favourite. I also love a new album by Saint Germaine called 'Touriste'

 Choccy from UK asks: I love the water sprinkler sample in Miss Moon, its very clever. Do you enjoy gardening if you get the time?

 Jean-Michel: Not at all. I'm more into other kinds of indoor games

 PMgep from Sweden asks: I haw heard rumours that say that the laser-harp is fake. What do you think about that?

 Jean-Michel: It's understandable because it's so unusual. It's fun that so many people talk about it. It is a real instrument where each beam is connected to a synth and the computer decodes the placing of the hand and the velocity. It's great fun to play

 Daniel Stevens from Germany asks: What is your opinion about Napster? Would you agree with Metallica?

 Jean-Michel: I think what Metallica has done is useless. Napster questions the whole music industry, and the old record industry should have evolved and Napster is proof of that. A good way to stop Napster would be to put a 'I Love You' virus in it. If anybody wants t

 Stacey Greensall from uk asks: have you any plans to release any major multimedia projects

 Jean-Michel: Yes - this is my priority and I'm working now on the new website which will be entirely controlled by fans and myself and will be called Jarre.net and will be ready by September. The other project is musical and a concert tailor made for the internet.

 dotmusic: Jean-Michel has time for one more question.

 Tim Page from UK asks: Would you create a regular multimedia show such as Peter Gabriel's Ovo for the Millenium Done?

 Jean-Michel: I would like to on the Net. The Ovo project is very interesting. I love Peter's work and Mark Fisher, the designer. I'm working with Mark now.

 Jean-Michel: I really enjoyed this chat and am always open for more. I feel really pleased and good about so manyb people being interested in my work. I try to give them back and go back to them as soon as possible with more interesting things so stay connected.

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