Jean-Michel Jarre, Angélique Kidjo, Javed Akhtar, And Paul Williams Among 35+ Authors And Artists Speaking At World Creators Summit

- Prominent creators among the 140+ speakers scheduled for CISAC’s World Creators Summit “Create – Connect – Respect” on June 4 & 5, 2013, in Washington, DC

PARIS, France (May 22, 2013) – CISAC (the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers) will welcome more than 30 renowned authors and artists to speak at the fourth biennial World Creators Summit, a lineup that gives the creative community a chance to speak out on a variety of important issues affecting their rights and their lives. These creators include Jean Michel-Jarre, an author, composer, performer and electronic music producer; Angélique Kidjo, a songwriter and performer; Javed Akhtar, a scriptwriter, poet and lyricist; and Paul Williams, a composer, songwriter and actor as well as ASCAP President and Chairman of the Board.

In his keynote conversation, French electronic music pioneer Jarre will discuss the role of the creator in today’s copyright debates. He will encourage more artists to speak up for their rights and form a unified front to protect their creations, explaining why it is so important for them to promote authors’ rights, respect for their works, fair remuneration, and freedom to create.

Kidjo, the Grammy Award–winning artist and activist from the West African nation of the Republic of Benin, will join a panel of fellow creators to examine the digital revolution, often viewed as an emancipating force that has given artists more freedom and enabled them to form new partnerships outside of traditional business structures. She will discuss these opportunities and also point out some of the new challenges technology has introduced.

As one of the most successful multi-platform creators from India, Akhtar will discuss how artists can influence public policies and improve legislation when they engage in the public debate. On a panel with singers and songwriters Ana de Hollanda and Susana Baca, who are both former Ministers of Culture respectively from Brazil and Peru, Akhtar will examine how public policies can support creators and the creative industries with appropriate copyright legislation and access to resources and infrastructure.

In addition to being one of America’s most acclaimed songwriters, Williams, in his role leading the U.S. performing rights society ASCAP, has fought tirelessly for the cause of creators, and his keynote speech will continue that tradition. He will discuss the importance of public policies that take creators’ needs into account, protect their works, and provide for fair revenues.

Discussing the U.S. agenda, leading U.S. creators Rick Carnes, a songwriter and performer; Marjorie David, a screenwriter and producer; Vince Misiano , a TV director; and Scott Turow, a writer, will outline their vision of a future IP framework and respond to the initiatives taken by the U.S. Register of Copyright and by Congress to review U.S. copyright laws.

Discussing what the digital revolution means for creators and how they connect with the digital generation will be top artists from different repertoires, including Wally Badarou (composer and producer), Eric Hilton (songwriter and producer of the Thievery Corporation), Ryan McGinness (visual artist), Stacie Passon (film director), and Simon Raymonde (songwriter and producer of Cocteau Twins).

Artists will also appear on more specialized panels, including writer Jason Merkoski and author Penny Grubb on the business of digital books; photographers Michael Grecco, Richard Kelly, and Klaus Thymann on the use of pictures online; author Andrew Keen on the benefits of copyright; songwriter and producer Simon Darlow and composer and conductor Laurent Petitgirard on the governance of authors’ societies; songwriter Eddie Schwartz on fair music principles; composer Niels Mosumgaard on the GRD; songwriter and producer Rupert Hine on copyright supporting innovation; documentary film maker Trisha Ziff on piracy; and author Chris Ruen on the digital future of the creative sector. Visual artist and Acting President of CISAC Hervé Di Rosa and composer Lorenzo Ferrero will kick off the Summit at the Opening Cocktail Party, while songwriter and musician Helienne Lindvall , journalist and author Robert Levine, composer and conductor Alejandro Guarello, screenwriter Yves Nilly, and rapporteur Werner Stauffacher will wrap the Summit with two back-to-back reflection panels. Visual writer Kim Ravers will illustrate some of these discussions live.

“It’s great to see more and more artists getting involved in the debate over their rights and how their works are used online, as they are the ones who will be directly affected,” said Di Rosa. “Too often, the artist perspective is minimized or lost entirely in today’s discussions on copyright. It is up to the creative community to band together and ask for respect and fair remuneration for the use of their works. One of our goals for the World Creators Summit is to provide a place for them to do so.”

“It’s only fitting that a conference organized by CISAC and dedicated to creators’ rights would invite those artists to speak,” said Kenth Muldin, CEO of STIM and Chairman of the CISAC Board of Directors. “The addition of so many great artistic minds to the World Creators Summit speaking roster allows us to offer a truly balanced look at the major issues currently facing the creative sector.”

“We’re thrilled to pair artists with top policymakers and industry executives from around the world to facilitate a true discussion that improves the understanding of the eco-system of the creative sector and creates real opportunities for progress,” said Olivier Hinnewinkel, Director General of CISAC. “CISAC works to ensure that the 3 million creators and rights holders that we represent obtain a fair income from the use of their creative work, and to develop licensing models that meet the market’s needs.”

Organized by CISAC, the World Creators Summit is the leading international and cross-industry forum, addressing the future of copyright, the creative community, and the entertainment business in the digital economy.

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List of authors and artists slated to speak at the Summit (in alphabetical order by last name):
• Javed Akhtar, Scriptwriter, poet and lyricist (India)
• Susana Baca, Singer & songwriter / former Minister of Culture (Peru)
• Wally Badarou, Composer & producer / Board Member, SACEM (France)
• Rick Carnes, Songwriter & performer / President, SGA - Songwriters Guild of America (USA)
• Marjorie David, Screenwriter & producer / Member of the board, WGA-West – Writers' Guild of America (USA)
• Simon Darlow, Songwriter & producer / Chairman, BACSA – British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors / Deputy Chairman, PRS for Music (UK)
• Hervé Di Rosa, Visual artist & painter / President, CISAC (France)
• Lorenzo Ferrero, Composer / Chair, CIAM – International Council of Authors and Composers of Music (Italy)
• Alejandro Guarello, Composer & conductor / President, ALCAM - Latin-American Alliance of Composers and Authors of Music / President, SCD (Chile)
• Michael Grecco, Photographer & director / Executive Vice President, APA - American Photographic Artists (USA)
• Penny Grubb, Author / Chair of the board, ALCS - Authors' Licensing & Collecting Society (UK)
• Eric Hilton, Songwriter, DJ & producer, Thievery Corporation (USA)
• Rupert Hine, Songwriter & producer (UK)
• Ana de Hollanda, Singer & songwriter /former Minister of Culture (Brazil)
• Jean-Michel Jarre, Author, composer, performer & producer (France)
• Angélique Kidjo, Grammy Award winning singer & songwriter (Benin)
• Andrew Keen, Author of ‘The Cult of the Amateur ‘and ‘Digital Vertigo: How Today’s Online Social Revolution is Dividing, Diminishing and Disorienting US’ (USA)
• Richard Kelly, Photographer / President, Indigo Factory (USA)
• Robert Levine, Journalist & author of ‘Free Ride’ (USA)
• Helienne Lindvall, Songwriter & musician / Music & Media Columnist, The Guardian (UK)
• Ryan McGinness, Visual artist (USA)
• Jason Merkoski, Author of 'Burning the Page' (SourceBooks) (USA)
• Vincent Misiano, Television Director / Sixth Vice-President, DGA-Directors Guild of America (USA)
• Niels Mosumgaard, Composer / Vice-Chair, Danish Songwriters Guild (Denmark)
• Yves Nilly, Author & Screenwriter / Chair, CIADLV – International Council of Dramatic, Literary and Audiovisual Authors (France)
• Stacie Passon, Film Director & screenwriter (USA)
• Laurent Petitgirard, Composer & Conductor / President of the Board of Directors, SACEM (France)
• Kim Ravers, Visual writer, Custom HeArtwork (Netherlands)
• Simon Raymonde, Songwriter, performer & producer, Cocteau Twins / Founder, Bella Union (UK)
• Chris Ruen, Author of ‘Freeloading: How our Insatiable Appetite for Free Content Starves Creativity’ (OR Books / Scribe Publications) (USA)
• Eddie Schwartz, Songwriter / Co-Chair, Music Creators North America / President, SAC - Songwriters Association of Canada (Canada)
• Werner Stauffacher, Rapporteur, CIAGP – International Council of Graphic and Plastic Arts and Photography / Senior Vice President, ProLitteris (Switzerland)
• Klaus Thymann, Photographer & film-maker / Member of the Board of Directors, DACS (UK)
• Scott Turow, Writer / President, The Authors Guild (USA)
• Paul Williams, Composer, Songwriter & Actor / President & Chairman of the Board, ASCAP (USA)
• Trisha Ziff, Independent Documentary Filmmaker (Mexico)

About the World Creators Summit www.creatorssummit.com
Formerly known as the World Copyright Summit, the World Creators Summit is the leading international and cross-industry forum, organized by CISAC, addressing the future of copyright, the creative community, and the entertainment business in the digital economy.

Featuring appearances from more than 140 of the biggest influencers and industry luminaries in the creator-rights space, the conference’s full slate of speeches and panels will illustrate the major issues to be addressed at the Summit and contained in the event slogan “Create – Connect – Respect”:
• Creating and monetizing creative works in the digital era
• Cultivating a fair and sustainable environment for the creative sector
• Supporting innovation and digital growth with new solutions developed by collective management organizations and PROs
• The role of policy-makers and copyright legislation in supporting the digital development of the creative sector
• How to balance the protection of creators and consumers' access to works

.Music LLC (a Far Further Company), YouTube, Deezer, Transparency Rights Management, DDEX and The Royalty Exchange are lead sponsors of the 2013 World Creators Summit. The Summit is also supported by all 10 U.S. CISAC member societies, 31 Partner Organizations located around the world, as well as trade press and mainstream media, representing the diversity of the creative sector and assisting to promote the event and its collaborative message.

The World Creators Summit is a biennial event alternating between the European and US political capitals. The 4th edition of the Summit will return to Washington on June 4&( at the Ronald Reagan Center. The 3rd edition of the Summit was held in June 2011, in Brussels, bringing together more than 730 participants from around the world with 57 countries represented. A complete recap of the 2011 event, with video and photos, can be found online.

About CISAC www.cisac.org
CISAC – the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers – is the leading worldwide network of collective management organisations and a unique international NGO uniting 231 authors’ societies and guilds in 121 countries, thus representing more than 3 million creators and publishers from all creative genres (music, film, visual arts, and literary). In 2011, worldwide royalties collected by CISAC members on behalf of creators reached $10.3 billion (€7.6 billion).

CISAC aims to increase both the protection and the promotion of creators’ rights worldwide. CISAC enables collective management organisations to seamlessly represent creators across the globe and ensure that royalties flow to authors for the use of their works anywhere in the world. To this end, CISAC provides the highest business, legal, and IT standards to protect creators’ rights and to support the development of the international network of collective management societies.

Founded in 1926, CISAC is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation with worldwide headquarters in France and regional offices in Chile, Hungary, Singapore, and South Africa. The organisation was chaired by British singer and songwriter Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees until his untimely death in May 2012; French visual artist and painter Hervé Di Rosa, who had been serving as Vice President of CISAC since 2010, has been appointed Acting President until a successor to Gibb is elected in June 2013. Olivier Hinnewinkel was appointed Director General of CISAC in October 2011.

Source: mi2n.com/press

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