Jean Michel Jarre (Keynote Interview) IMS Ibiza 2013


The International Music Summit (IMS) Ibiza 2013

This year, Jean Michel Jarre, one of the earliest pioneers of synthesised music, will be present at the IMS especially to take part in a keynote interview. He is all set to discuss his career, past, present and what he has planned for his future in electronic dance music.

Ben Turner, IMS partner, commented on the inclusion of Jarre,

"A lot of work has gone into landing Jean Michel Jarre. But we are hugely excited to have his attendance. I interviewed him in 1993 for the Melody Maker when electronic DJs like Slam had remixed his work. So it's been amazing talking to him again about speaking at IMS. He is a true pioneer and his understanding of today's scene is quite surprising. His understanding of the challenges facing the business is second to none, and his vision for change is also impressive and inspiring."

Jean Michel Jarre - Ibiza - Speakers - International Music Summit

Ben Turner - Speakers - Ibiza - Summits - International Music Summit

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