Jean-Michel Jarre - Rendez-Vous Lyon: Concert For The Pope (1986)

"October 5th, at 10.30 pm , after pope John-Paul II`s blessing of Lyon from the top of Fourvieres hill, Rendez-Vous Lyon got under way, a concert performed for more than 800,000 people on the banks of the river Saone. Fourvieres hill was ablaze for ninety minutes, fired on by cannons of light, fireworks and images synchronised to music being performed live on the central stage by Jean-Michel Jarre, 60 musicians and 120 choristers. A baroque feast, blending classical and avant-garde, workmanship and high-tech, past and future, Rendez-Vous Lyon will long be remembered as an exceptional event."

Tracklist ▼

1 Moon Machine
2 Ethnicolor I
3 Wooloomooloo
4 Magnetic Fields I
5 Souvenir Of China
6 Equinoxe V
7 Rendez-Vous III (Laser Harp)
8 Rendez-Vous II
9 Ron's Piece
10 Rendez-Vous IV


Jean Michel Jarre -- Seiko DS-250, Elka Synthex, Moog synthesizer, Roland JX 8P, Fairlight CMI, E-mu Emulator II, Eminent 310U, EMS Synthi AKS, Laser Harp, RMI, OBX, DX 100, Matrisequencer, Roland TR-808, Linn 9000, Prophet, Casio CZ 5000, ARP 2600
Michel Geiss -- ARP 2600, Eminent, Matrisequencer, Roland TR-808
Dominique Perrier -- Memory Moog
Joe Hammer -- Drumulator, percussions
David Jarre -- Baby Korg personal keyboard
Pierre Gossez -- Saxophone on "Last Rendez-Vous (Ron's Piece)

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