Jean Michel Jarre - Hymn To The Akropolis (Full Concert)

On June 19 and 20, 2001, Jarre played two concerts at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus to raise money for the Greek organization Elpida, with 15,000 people attending in total. A new composition, Akropolis, was later used at the Beijing & Poland concerts under new titles. The second concert was broadcast live on French radio NRJ and on French TV channel M6, for which one track had to be dropped due to time constraints, and is available for rebroadcast.
Track listing
"Oxygene 4"
"Oxygene 2"
"Equinoxe 4"
"Magnetic Fields 2"
"Je Me Souviens"
"Chronologie 3"
"Oxygene 8"
"Magnetic Fields 1"
"Ethnicolor" (first concert only)
"Four Seasons" Vivaldi Tribute
"Gloria Lonely Boy"
"Oxygene 13"
"Souvenir of China"
"Equinoxe 7"
"Chronologie 6"
"Rendez-Vous 2"
"Oxygene 12"
"Rendez-Vous 4"

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