Jean Michel Jarre - Industrial Revolution (Overture)

In 1988 Jarre released his ninth studio album, Revolutions. The album spans several genres, including symphonic industrial, Arabian inspired, light guitar pop and ethnic electro jazz. A two hour concert, titled Destination Docklands, was planned for 24 September 1988 at the Royal Victoria Docks in east London. The location, close to the heart of London, was chosen in part for its desolate environment, but also because Jarre thought the architecture and environment would be ideally suited to his music. Plans to stage the concert began early in 1988, with Jarre meeting local officials and members of the community. The floating stage on which Jarre and his musicians would perform was built on top of four large barges. Large purpose-built display screens were constructed from scaffolding, and one of the buildings to be used in the backdrop was painted white. Local children practised the choral elements of the performance. During the transportation of several large mirror balls commissioned for the event, one came loose and fell onto the roadside. On the same night a satellite (containing radioactive material) was due to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere. The sighting of the mirror ball led to a degree of confusion as some people mistook it for the falling satellite. World War II searchlights were to illuminate the sky and surrounding architecture, along with thousands of coloured fireworks. Newham Borough Council, which ran the docks, expressed their fears about the safety of the event, and delayed their decision on whether to allow the concert to proceed until 12 September before eventually refusing the licence application. The local fire service were also concerned that in the event of a fire, they would be unable to gain access. Work continued on the site, and Jarre's team looked at other locations around the UK, but following improvements to both on and off-site safety Jarre eventually won conditional approval on 28 September to stage two separate performances from 89 October. The spectacular display of fireworks during Destination Docklands Along with thousands in the surrounding streets and parks, 200,000 people watched Jarre perform with guests such as guitarist Hank Marvin. The performances were not without issues; inclement weather had threatened to break the stage from its moorings, and although the original plan was to have Jarre float across the Royal Victoria Dock on the first evening, winds of over 30 knots meant that it was deemed unsafe — the winds were so strong that television cameras were blown over. The audience, which included Diana, Princess of Wales, was on the second evening soaked by rain and wind

Butoh is the collective name for a diverse range of activities, techniques and motivations for dance, performance, or movement inspired by the Ankoku-Butoh movement. It typically involves playful and grotesque imagery, taboo topics, extreme or absurd environments, and is traditionally "performed" in white-body makeup with slow hyper-controlled motion, with or without an audience. But there is no set style, and it may be purely conceptual with no movement at all. Its origins have been attributed to Japanese dance legends Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno. Dancer ; Imre Thormann ( Switzerland ) "Butoh shows at the core, human nature, that the dark dimension, which society does not want to see, from which reverses. When compared with the classical butoh baletem, in the latter it klasic the pursuit of excellence, what cute, wonderful, pleasant, romantic. Butoh and shows what is in kind-where is the pain, suffering, cruelty, which cannot be nowhere. " ...Imre Thormann.

 Track listing
1988 Original Release

"Industrial Revolution" - 16:33
Overture -- 5:20
Part 1 -- 5:08
Part 2 -- 2:18
Part 3 -- 3:47
"London Kid" -- 4:34
"Revolutions" -- 5:01
"Tokyo Kid" -- 5:22
"Computer Weekend" -- 5:00
"September" -- 3:52
"The Emigrant" -- 3:56

1994 Re-issue Release

"Industrial Revolution" Overture -- 5:20
"Industrial Revolution" Part 1 -- 5:08
"Industrial Revolution" Part 2 -- 2:18
"Industrial Revolution" Part 3 -- 4:47
"London Kid" -- 4:34
"Revolution, Revolutions" -- 4:55
"Tokyo Kid" -- 5:18
"Computer Weekend" -- 4:38
"September" -- 3:52
"The Emigrant" -- 4:05

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