Conquering China by Johan Jonason

Johan Jonason decides to abandon Europe, a continent in a state of crisis, and travel to Shanghai in pursuit of a career as a pop singer. »Conquering China« is a musical journey featuring musicians as disparate as synth-pioneer Jean Michel Jarre and Robert Wells alongside numerous Chinese producers and DJs such as Elvis. T and Ben Huang. Ultimately Jonason arrives at the film’s tagline: “music is not a language without borders,” examining and problematizing a paradigm shift currently taking place on the world’s music scene.

As Jonason cruises Shanghai by night, from dumpling joints and backstreets to high-end clubs and pulsating dance floors, »Conquering China« comes across as a China-set documentary take on »Lost in Translation«. The film humorously yet attentively intersects western views of China with voices from within its music industry.

Production year:  2014
Original title:  Conquering China

Cast: Johan Jonason, Jean Michel Jarre, Robert Wells, Elvis T

Producer: Anna Byvald

Script: Johan Jonason

Music: Oscar Fogelström

The featured parts of Jean Michel Jarre in the Swedish documentary "Conquering China"

Source: stockholmfilmfestival.se

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