Jean Michel Jarre, Artist & President of CISAC (DMT at the World Creators Summit 2013)


Interviewed by Andrea Leonelli at the World Copyright Summit in Washington DC, Jean Michel Jarre stated: “I think CISAC is a unique opportunity for all creators around the world. It’s a sleeping beauty, nobody knows CISAC in the street or amongst the public. What is great about the organisation is that it involves all creators from different sectors and from all over the world.
” Jarre went on to say: “Right now we’re trying to find a solution to problems related to new technologies territory per territory and sector per sector of creation: that doesn’t work because there is a problem of scale […] Intellectual property is a global problem for all sectors including music, architecture, graphic arts, the film industry, journalism and so forth. Geographically it is not just an issue between Europe and America […] I see the problem of intellectual property like ecology or the environment. One of my first albums was called Oxygen and it was released around 30 years ago, at the time not many were thinking about environment and ecology and we were considered as dreamers. Then step-by-step we see that now everybody is conscious about the environment, which means that every political party has to integrate the environment as part of their program. Intellectual property is exactly the same for tomorrow. We have to convey a clear message to the public opinion, to the media and make it clear that this is one major element of the identity of the community.”

To this end of making the work of CISAC more visible worldwide it makes sense for the organization to have chosen four vice presidents that garner a great deal of respect and traction in their own countries and will be able to spread the message of the organization.

(Andrea Leonelli)

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