The First Live Music Performance In Space

"The idea of having concerts in space is very exciting"

- John Spencer  (Head Of The Space Tourism Society)

The Launch Project is the movement that started almost immediately after what is now the Virgin Galactic brand’s spaceship won the x-prize and helped usher in the new era of Space Tourism. Soon to evolve into ‘ONE GIANT GIG FOR MANKIND’ it is an all encompassing multi-media venture behind the first live musical performance from the edge of space.

    ONE GIANT GIG FOR MANKIND will consist of; the weightless performance itself from 62 miles above the earth. A live 3-D broadcast of the event to the whole world, via TV, Internet, mobile devices and cinema screens. There will be several major concerts on terra firma from around the world, all with a direct feed of the show. A feature film documenting the journey of music in space from astronauts taking up their own instruments, to the unravelling race by music artists to be first. The performance itself will be used for a stunning IMAX presentation, that will be adapted to work in planetarium facilities, providing a much more visceral experience of being there with the artist.

       The show from space will also be celebrated by thousands of pop-up events spread across the planet marking this groundbreaking day in music history and a unique milestone in our civilisation.

      The Launch Project is being propelled forward by the company Nought2Sixty Productions who are an off-world entertainment consultancy as well as an on-earth production company. The Launch Project aims to bring to the universe this history making event in MAY 2013



Source: launch-project.com

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