EXCLUSIVE: Jean Michel Jarre looks to moon for next big gig

 By Shane McGinley
Time Out Dubai,

He hopes Branson’s UAE space partners can help


French electronic musicians Jean Michel Jarre, who played to the largest audience ever – to 3.5 million people in Moscow in 1997 – is looking to better than with a gig on the moon and is hoping Richard Branson and the UAE can help him to it, he told Time Out Dubai in an exclusive interview.

“My friend [science fiction writer] Sir Arthur Charles Clarke told me one day, “You know, you could play on the moon”,’ the 64 year-old Jarre told Time Out Dubai.

‘I said it wasn’t reasonable, but with the help of Richard Branson, who knows?’ he added.

Billionaire business tycoon Richard Branson has set up Virgin Galactic with partner in Abu Dhabi and is aiming to start commercial flights into space in the not too distance future.

A number of celebrities have signed up as passengers, including actress Kate Winslet, comedian Russell Brand, actor Ashton Kutcher and scientist Stephen Hawking.

More down to earth, find out what Jarre thinks of Dubai by reading the full interview with him
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