International Music Summit (IMS) is a 3-day dance music conference that takes place in Ibiza. MAY 22-24 - 2013

International Music Summit 

MAY 22-24 - 2013

Joining the legendary line up this year is Jean Michel Jarre, one of the earliest pioneers of synthesised music, who will take part in a keynote interview, offering an insight into one of the finest musical brains of a generation. On his forthcoming appearance, Jean Michel Jarre said,

“I was excited to discover the IMS event in Ibiza and particularly the values it holds for a genre of music which I’ve been involved in from the early beginnings. I continue to push the genre forward in many ways, and I see my Keynote Interview at IMS as a way to continue to communicate my passions to a wider and younger audience – who appear to be today’s trailblazers for this genre, all united in one location.”

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  1. Il y une petite erreur sur la description du Roland DJ-70 (rubrique synthés), ce n'est pas un pad que l'on "tapote" mais un disque que l'on actione pour faire du "scratch" par exemple, JMJ à utilisé le DJ-70 pas le DJ-70MK2 (photo du post!!) qui lui à des temps de chargement plus rapide, il l'a utilisé aussi en live concert de Dansk (posé sur l'éminent en lieu et place de la Mini-Pops)

    1. If you mean this link:
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