“Twelve Dreams of the Sun” - 1999/January 1st 2000.

An electronic opera conceived and performed live by Jean Michel Jarre.
Featuring Jarre classics, interpretations on Oriental, Western and traditiona
Egyptian songs and music from his eagerly awaited new album Metamorphoses

As the rest of the world prepares to celebrate the arrival of the third millennium, the Egyptian Minister of Culture, Mr Farouk Hosny, has commissioned a landmark event to take this country of ancient civilization into its seventh millennium.

Specially conceived for this once in a lifetime experience, “Twelve Dreams of the Sun” is a four act electronic experience which has been composed and will be performed and directed by renowned French artist Jean Michel Jarre. To be held at the foot of the great Pyramids of Giza. “Twelve Dreams of the Sun” will commence at sunset on New Year’s Eve 1999 and will continue until sunrise on January 1st 2000.

A co-production with the Cairo Opera House, Jean Michel Jarre Millennia Night in the Egyptian Desert promises to be one of the most visual and entertaining celebrations of the turn of the century. It will incorporate extraordinary audio- visual and stage displays together with a unique interpretation of Oriental, Western and traditional Egyptian songs, music and choreography.

A crowd of over 50.000 is expected to watch “The Twelve Dreams of The Sun”, which Jean Michel Jarre will perform with the help of over 1000 performers and musicians. Extracts of the show will be transmitted live around the world and the Concert will be broadcast live on the web on www.cyberconcerts.com.

"The Twelve Dreams of The Sun" will feature many of Jean Michel Jarre’s classics, as well as music from his new album Metamorphoses, which is released by Dreyfus Disques/Sony Music on January 25, 2000. Jean Michel Jarre’s first single, from culture, will be the highlight of his millennium Concert.

Jean Michel Jarre commented; “When I was asked by the Egyptian government to create a millennium opera I have just finished writing C’est La Vie for my new album. It was like a premonition and what better way to start this exciting new millennium than in front of one of the oldest and most magical symbols of human civilization.”


“ … Who hasn’t dreamed of experiencing that once in a lifetime extraordinary adventure…to climb the highest mountain, to explore the deepest ocean, to travel in outer-space, to fly around the world in a hot-air balloon, to spend a magical night in the desert under the stars?…”

"The Twelve Dreams of The Sun" is different from Jean Michel Jarre’s previous creations. It is much more than a concert, a show or an opera. It is an adventure celebrating the passing of time and the festive turning of the Millennium. "The Twelve Dreams of The Sun" will take place on a central stage situated on the Giza Plateau. Thus creating a magical night during which the Sun dreams about our times, its own mythological Egyptian origins, life, death and the future. A live celebration in music and technicolour, "The Twelve Dreams of The Sun" is a surrealistic late of the Sun’s dreams since the beginning of time.

Jarre’s four act Concert spectacular will portray an imaginary voyage of the Sun into the New Millennium. A tale of 12 dreams that will take us from the past to the future through awesome and inspiring scenery and staging. It will incorporate Egyptian, international, classical and contemporary performances, giving this extraordinary event a universal touch. This spectacular concert, which Jarre will perform live, will transform the Giza Pyramids and desert area in a way that only Jean Michel Jarre can. "The Twelve Dreams of The Sun" is a magical, not to be missed voyage into the dawn of the new millennium. It will touch everyone who will witness it, making it a night that will endure in the heart and soul.

On 31 December the festivities will take place in 4 acts with the idea of accompanying the Sun from the final sunset of the passing millennium through to sunrise on the first day of the year 2000.

Act 1 – The last sunset will be marked by a spectacular lighting design of the Three Great Pyramids: Kheops, Khefren and Mykerinos, as well as a live mix of different atmospheric sounds which will infiltrate the audience.

Act 2 – At around 10.30 PM the celebration will reach its highlight with a 3-hour live concert performance by Jean Michel Jarre. 1000 performers together with Jarre will take us through to 1.30 AM. Jean Michel Jarre will mark the birth of the first day of the 3rd millennium with a “Midnight Surprise”- the first ever performance of his brand new work together with the capping of the great pyramid Kheops which will flood the surrounding area with golden rays.

Act 3 – 1.30 AM until sunrise will see an “Oriental tribute to the Sun” from the local musicians and dancers who would have participated in Jarre’s Live performance.

Act 4 - At dawn, around 5.30 AM Jean Michel Jarre will come back on stage with his musicians to welcome, in music and vision, the sunrise of the new millennium

                                     What Are The Twelve Dreams of The Sun?

“ In the beginning there was only the Sun, The Sun created the world, The sun gave mankind twelve attributes. The Sun wanted mankind to discover the attributes, so he concealed them in twelve common things. Each Millennium the Sun remembers the attributes in twelve dreams.”

                                                            THE ROCK

                                                 The Sun dreams of Time

                                                             THE HOUSE

                                                The Sun dreams of Protection

                                                             THE TREE

                                               The Sun dreams of Wisdom

                                                              THE BOAT

                                               The Sun dreams of Eternity

                                                            THE FLESH

                                               The Sun dreams of Fidelity

                                                            THE VOICE

                                              The Sun dreams of Memory

                                                            THE BLOOD

                                              The Sun dreams of Courage

                                                             THE SKY

                                              The Sun dreams of Space

                                                            THE CHILD

                                              The Sun dreams of Innocence

                                                             THE BELL

                                              The Sun dreams of Celebration

                                                             THE SNOW

                                              The Sun dreams of Purity

                                                             THE GATE

                                              The Sun dreams of Freedom

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