Council backs Jarre concert - Perth 2012

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                             Council backs Jarre concert !

14th Mar 2012
The Council has approved the use of Langley Park for a proposed spectacular concert featuring renowned musical composer and performer Jean Michel Jarre.
Organisers anticipate that the ‘Rendez-Vous Perth’ concert, proposed for 17 November, could attract up to 80,000 people.
Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi says the event has the potential to generate greater global awareness of the city. 
“Jean Michel Jarre is described as a pioneer in the ‘electronic, ambient and ‘new age’ genres,” Ms Scaffidi said.
“I have spoken with Jean Michel before and he professes to having fallen in love with Perth, which he has visited twice before, and says he would love to have a concert here.
“He has a huge global following and has staged large-scale concerts for millions of people around the world. One concert is said to have attracted an audience of 3.5 million people in Moscow so we would experience something really special that won’t be seen in other Australian cities if it all comes to fruition.
“These events are truly spectacular and include lights, laser displays and fireworks.”
The concert would be free to the public, apart from those who paid for corporate boxes and VIP packages. Stages would be erected at the western end of Langley Park, together with grandstand seating and corporate boxes.
Six large screens were planned to be erected along Langley Park so that everyone can see the concert in progress.
Ms Scaffidi said that staging the concert in Perth would mean that part of the western end of Langley Park would have to be closed for a month to allow for set-up and removal of the concert infrastructure.  Some short-term road closures would also likely be required
Nearby residents would be given three months’ formal notice of the event.

Source: www.cityofperth.wa.gov.au

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