Second Edition of “Jean Michel Jarre, le magicien du son et de la lumière”

In late 2008 we talked about the release of a new biography of Jean-Michel Jarre, published in France: “Jean Michel Jarre, Le Magicien du son et de la lumère”, by Cöetquen Editions. Well, next  October 28th will be launched in France the second edition of this book, updated through 2011 and the concert in Monaco.
“Before the Oxygene album come out, only some people were interested on synthesizers, and in what was called electro-acoustic music. With Oxygene, Jean Michel Jarre disturbed the waves and popularized a new genre of music, electronic music.
Followed by Michel Geiss, and the Jarre Tribe (Dominique Perrier, Francis Rimbert, Sylvain Durand, Frederic Rousseau, GuyDelacroix, Jo Hammer …), Jean Michel creates in his studio in Croissy  sounds and album appealing millions of people around the world (more than 80 million albums sold to date).
On July 14, 79, Jean Michel Jarre and his producer Francis Dreyfus proposed an experimental concert in the Place de la Concorde of Paris with a mix of music, light and fireworks. The show was overcrowded,  everyone was surprised, and it was something never seen before, a million spectators gathered to the concert. The concept of cities in concert just born in that very moment.
From Houston to Monaco, from Moscow to London Docklands, millions of people attended the concert of Jean MichelJarre. ”
This biography deals from Jarre’s childhood to the present day.
It contains a booklet of photos, where two members of the Forum of Fairlight Jarre, Ecocharlie (Juan Mora) and Sergio Keys have collaborated with some photographs and testimonies about the concerts of Santiago 2010 and Monaco 2011.
If you are interested in purchasing:
Coëtquen Editions
95,008 BP
Janzé 35150

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