Jean Michel Jarre - Forum d'Avignon 2013

"Culture & Power"

Theme of the 2013 Think Tank of the Forum of Avignon,
to fuel discussion at the international meetings from November 21 to 23, 2013

No Politics without Culture!

The program of the 2013 Forum d'Avignon in preview

Olivier Poivre d'Arvor (Director of France Culture) sets the parameters of the session centered aroun three questions: Can the powers of culture be measured? In the name of what endeavor? Economic, diplomatic, political? If culture is a factor of cohesion of certain territories, it is the cause of divisions, competition, and conflicts on others. Does high demand of cultural goods and services dissolve culture? What are the new divisions formed in the cultural sector for better or for worse?

Lawrence Lessig --Harvard Law Professor (USA) --has been an advocate for an internet that liberates culture through "creative commons". Lessig emphasizes the value for universal access to culture. If Internet remains a vehicle for freedom as exhibited by the Arab Spring, Lessig also notes de difficulty in the short term to define its impact on democracy. He uses the American example in which politicians use up to 70% of their time searching for funding in their internet campaign. Internet has taken precedents on interpersonal communication; that being said, in order to be heard one must radicalize one's opinions, often leading to excessive opinions. This explains, for example, the Tea Party's success and the subsequent paralysis of American politics. Can Internet save us? The answer is not evident in the short term given the negative side effects of extremist attitudes on democracies. We might have to rely on a new generation to extricate ourselves from this stifling position.

Jean-Michel Jarre, author and composer, President of CISAC. Jarre recognizes that with regard to intellectual property, artist weren't unable to send a clear message to the public. IP is not only a means of insuring the economic sustainability of creation. A new relationship between contents and containers, software and hardware, must be reinvented. The antagonisms between creative commons and intellectual property might be erased with the establishment of a common platform allowing funding for creators and the diffusion of amateurs' work. The freedom of the latter does not impede on the liberty of the former. We must update the system established in the xviiith century to adapt to contemporary conditions of production and diffusion. We must not stigmatize Internet. Artist have always known how to use this new technologies. Jarre even goes so far as to propose an 'eternal copyright' system that would nourish a fund for creation in emerging countries.

Paul Mashatile, minister of South Africa, reminds us that culture has an essential role in the development of numerous countries. In the case of South Africa, culture facilitates reconciliation and the construction of a nation. Culture must also bring nations together. This is what South Africa names OBOUTU: I exist because you exist, allow me to extend my hand to the other, to accept the difference. Culture is the bridge between men.

Yonfan, film director (China), through the destiny of two female artists --the German filmmaker Leni Riefensthahl and the Chinese actress Yushi Yamagichi (Yoshigo Otaka) --questions how art can influence our lives in some unconscious ways. The star system creates representations that inhabit ourselves for better or for worse.

Bernard Landry (former Prime Minister, University of Quebec and Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal Professor), notes that anti-globalization manifestations, replaced nowadays by alter-globalist ones, show us a different vision of the world. The real danger of globalization is the homogenization that would be a huge step backward. The first value of a country is not its economy but its culture that sacrifices the materialist obsessions in order to admire the reality's beauty. Proposed by Canada, the cultural exception that refuses to see culture as a mere merchandise, remains to be defended; the idea is in the works but must be constantly nourished.

There were many echoes in the room: "defending the cultural exception is not out of date" (Laure Darcos). We should not forget that in many countries some religious powers twist the words to impose a religious culture. In Tunisia, creators and women will avoid democratic regressions. Although, money that a worldwide crowd funding may bring, are needed.


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Interview of Danièle Feuillerat (ex-Disques Dreyfus), 2013

In January 2013 DISQUES DREYFUS, veteran and legendary French label founded on the effort and artistic flair of its promoter FRANCIS DREYFUS (1940-2010), ceased to exist as an independent entity and was going to be part of the giant BMG. Inevitably the future of plump nude woman illustrating the characteristic company logo appears indistinct and its extensive catalog of recordings artists, among them names like CHRISTOPHE, FRANÇOIS DE ROUBAIX, BLUE VAMP, BAHAMAS or JEAN MICHEL JARRE , abandoned the possibility of a hypothetical republication or forgotten, in the worst case.

With the death of Francis Dreyfus, producer in mid-2010 because of cancer, few people can relate with great detail and based on comprehensive information that was “the adventure Motors”, the seed of FRANCIS DREYFUS MUSIC and its label DREYFUS JAZZ, the rise and demise of the company that allowed JEAN MICHEL JARRE to be a star. One of those few people is Danièle Feuillerat, for more than 30 years publishing director of FRANCIS DREYFUS MUSIC (FDM), plus production assistant in shows like ” Rendez -Vous Houston” or the intriguing concert tour in China 1981. She met a young JARRE as a lyricist, he witnessed his departure from the maison after publication ” Metamorphoses ” and return to ” Essentials & Rarities”.

Daniele has agreed to collaborate closely with FAIRLIGHT JARRE with a project that began more than a year ago, lending itself to review carefully the history of JEAN MICHEL JARRE and DISQUES DREYFUS, that is, in a sense, our own story.

Part I  Interview with Daniel Feuillerat

For all JARRE’s fans, and for lovers of music in general, the announce of the purchase of DISQUES DREYFUS by BMG Group was a hard impact. DREYFUS label means the success of a romantic project that grew to become a global reference thanks to the richness of its catalog and its great work in the world of jazz. When did you know the intention of selling DISQUES DREYFUS? What was the reason for the sale? 

When Francis died his wife, Hélène, was named new President and she decided to keep the company running for a little while. Early 2011, the shareholders decided to sell the company in order to pay the inheritance taxes (very high in France). We almost made a deal with Universal by the end of 2011 but they had to withdraw their offer because of the Virgin-Capitol-Emi purchase. The second best offer was that of BMG Rights. The sale was finally concluded on May 25, 2012.

Did FRANCIS DREYFUS ever intend to sell the record label?

Maybe 4 or 5 years before he died, Francis had mentioned several times that in the future he might decide to sell the label and keep the publishing. But in fact it was always postponed to later days.

Thanks very much again to Daniéle for her involvement in this interview that lasted three months of work. She is answering more questions on the coments below the spanish version of the interview. Click here to make some questions to her.

Very much thanks for sharing this interview for Fairlight Jarre - en.jeanmicheljarre.es

Fairlight Jarre is a website made by the Spanish Jean Michel Jarre Fanclub, which started in 1995 as Fanzine and continued later as a website.


Electronic maestro keen to tackle "final frontier"

Beatrice Thomas, 
The West Australian  
Updated July 27, 2012,

Electronic maestro Jean Michel Jarre keen to tackle 'final frontier'.

His outdoor lighting and sound extravaganzas have attracted audiences of millions.

When he performed for Prince Albert of Monaco's wedding last year, 3.5 billion people watched on television and the internet.

But Jean Michel Jarre, the famed French composer, performer and music producer, says Perth is his "final frontier".

"I've been a big fan of Australia for a long time," he said yesterday during a whirlwind visit to Perth.

"I fell in love with the place, the environment. It's extraordinary. But the community also, it's very nice and warm people. I said to myself we should really promote this place to the world."

Introduced to Perth by Maryanne Bell, a local entrepreneur and founder of ITM Productions, the 63-year-old pioneer of electronic music is working to bring his big outdoor concert to Perth in March after an initial November date was ruled too ambitious.

With the concert billed to rival the Australia Day Skyworks, Jarre said he also wanted to leave a legacy, including through the global TV audience his concert would attract.

A painter and a keen collector of Aboriginal art, he envisaged it would be a key visual element of the show. And the long-time UNESCO ambassador said he also wanted to incorporate schoolchildren's artwork in the graphics.

"As an outsider and a friend of Australia and a big admirer of Western Australia, I think it's time to put this part of the world . . . on the map," he said.

"There is huge excitement worldwide already about the project."

Jean Michel Jarre concert celebrating the wedding of Prince Albert II of Monaco in July.

The Perth concert would be his first in Australia. Jarre's 1976 album Oxygene featured in the 1981 Australian film Gallipoli.

He also spent a month at Uluru in the 1980s while promoting the album Zoolook, which was influenced by Aboriginal music.

In a week spent working Perth corporate and government circles to shore up backing for the March event, Jarre said he was also excited about his new role, announced yesterday, as one of two new international ambassadors for the Perth Fashion Festival.
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JEAN MICHEL JARRE / Exclusive Representative for Brazil and South America


Jean Michel Jarre - Press Folder  



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AeroTwist : nouveauté Jean-Michel Jarre Technologie

Ceci est une enceinte

18/11/2013 par Carole Huyvenaar 

La nouvelle enceinte de Jean-Michel Jarre Technologie
Read more at http://www.mensup.fr/lifestyle-homme/hi-tech/a,74074,ceci-est-une-enceinte.html#zwJRtxq7fwmI2y3I.99

Une gamme de 9 coloris

Nomade, elle nous suit partout
Jean-Michel Jarre continue de faire bouger le son avec une première enceinte sans fil aussi perfo que déco. L’Aero Twist est une nomade et un caméléon, qui sait très bien se faire passer pour un bel objet à la maison.

Au premier coup d’œil, bien malin celui qui saura repérer l’enceinte sous l’objet design posé sur une étagère de la bibliothèque, ou l’anneau tribal accroché à la bandoulière d’un sac.

La première enceinte nomade de Jean-Michel Jarre Technologies ne fait aucune concession à la qualité du son, tout en explorant de nouvelles pistes créatives auquel le monde du son ne nous avait guère habitués.

Côté son, l’AeroTwist embarque 4 haut-parleurs et un caisson de basse, un micro (compatible Bluetooth et NFC, l’enceinte s’associe directement avec un Smartphone), pour une autonomie de 10 heures.

Source: mensup.fr
Disponible en 9 versions (7 couleurs punchy plus une chrome et une noire) – 299€

Jean-Michel Jarre continue de faire bouger le son avec une première enceinte sans fil aussi perfo que déco. L’Aero Twist est une nomade et un caméléon, qui sait très bien se faire passer pour un bel objet à la maison.

Au premier coup d’œil, bien malin celui qui saura repérer l’enceinte sous l’objet design posé sur une étagère de la bibliothèque, ou l’anneau tribal accroché à la bandoulière d’un sac.

La première enceinte nomade de Jean-Michel Jarre Technologies ne fait aucune concession à la qualité du son, tout en explorant de nouvelles pistes créatives auquel le monde du son ne nous avait guère habitués.

Côté son, l’AeroTwist embarque 4 haut-parleurs et un caisson de basse, un micro (compatible Bluetooth et NFC, l’enceinte s’associe directement avec un Smartphone), pour une autonomie de 10 heures.

Disponible en 9 versions (7 couleurs punchy plus une chrome et une noire) – 299€

Read more at http://www.mensup.fr/lifestyle-homme/hi-tech/a,74074,ceci-est-une-enceinte.html#zwJRtxq7fwmI2y3I.99

Jean Michel Jarre in Midem Talks in February 2014


Paris, Tuesday 19 November 2013Jean Michel Jarre will top-line Midem Talks 2014, joining key music industry players as they tackle this year’s main theme: “Back to Growth? Make it Sustainable!”

A pioneer of electronic music, Jarre has sold more than 80 million albums worldwide in a career spanning four decades, and has staged many superlative live performances against iconic backdrops such as the Eiffel Tower and the pyramids of Egypt. He recently took over as President of the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC), the leading worldwide network of authors’ royalty collection societies.

Entitled “Fair Share for Creators,” Jarre’s interview is scheduled for Monday 3 February. He will tell the Midem audience how he believes a sustainable future for music in the digital eco-system cannot be achieved without ensuring fair remuneration for all stakeholders, especially creators, and why the latter need to mobilise if they want to benefit from the growth of the digital economy.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Jean Michel Jarre as part of our stellar line-up of keynote speakers at Midem. We’re living at the tipping-point of a new growth era for music. Let’s embrace optimism and work together to ensure our industry's recovery expands to every market, from emerging ones to more mature economies,” said Bruno Crolot, Director of Midem. “Midem is here to support the industry and to help make growth sustainable by providing a complete toolkit for success.”

Figures — soon to be released by the CISAC at its press conference at Midem 2014 — show an increase in growth for global collections of author's royalties in music in 2012, compared to the prior year period. In addition, recent figures from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) showed the first year of growth after over a decade of steep decline. All these figures suggest that the music business is on the road to recovery, with digital download sales and streaming subscriptions growing rapidly.

To explore what these green shoots mean for the industry, the line-up of Midem speakers includes Seymour Stein, VP of Warner Bros. Records and co-founder of Sire Records, a legendary music executive who signed acts such as The Ramones, Talking Heads and Madonna. Stein will host a special session during which he’ll share how he built a successful music company by making the right, and often hard, decisions while forging a unique business acumen.

The indie sector will also join Midem 2014, with Alison Wenham, Chairman/CEO of the Association of Independent Music & Chair of the Worldwide Independent Network (UK), who will outline what labels are doing to get back to growth. Ronny Krieger, Label Manager, Monkeytown Records (Germany), and Alain Verhave, Director of Marketing, Epitaph Records (Netherlands) will discuss how indie labels are reinventing fan engagement.

As part of the conference programme, Midem will welcome Geoff Taylor, Chief Executive of the British Phonographic Industry and the BRIT Awards (UK), and Jordan Berliant, Partner & Head of Music Management, The Collective Music Group (USA), in a session about the best practices for online video success and how YouTube became the leading platform to consume, discover and share music. Stephen Bryan, SVP, Digital Business Development, Warner Music Group (USA), and Mandar Thakur, COO, Times Music (India), will also take part in a discussion about the challenges of streaming music today. The Next Big Thing in Licensing will be debated by speakers such as Mary Megan Peer, President, Asia Pacific & Strategic Markets, peermusic (USA), and Florian Drücke, Managing Director, BVMI/IFPI (Germany). Lastly, Pete Ganbarg, EVP/Head of A&R, Atlantic Records (USA), and Steven Melrose, Co-Managing Director, Epic Records (UK), will engage in a discussion on how to build an artist’s career from discovery to success.

Midem will welcome representatives from all the leading international professional music associations, including publishers (ICMP), authors’ societies (CISAC), lawyers (IAEL), indies (IMPALA/WIN) and managers (IMMF), who will rub shoulders with major labels (Sony Music, Universal Music and Warner Music) and indie labels (Beggars, PIAS, Domino, Ministry of Sound, Mute, Epitaph), publishers (Warner Chappell, peermusic, Budde Music, Sony ATV, Sugar Music), managers (Golden Gate Management,  Reverb Music, Reservoir Media Management, 1968 Media, CEMA, Promogroup BV), authors’ societies (BUMA/STEMRA, SABAM, SACEM, BMI, PRS, GEMA) and live promoters (Manchester Light & Stage Co LTD, Live Nation, IKON, Global Gumbo Group, Jazzahead!).

For press registration details, please click here.

Watch and follow Midem - The Series : Midem the Series reveals the experiences of three very different attendees of the Cannes-based music tradeshow.

About Midem – Midem is an annual international b2b event dedicated to the new music ecosystem, with a tradeshow, conferences, competitions, networking events and live performances. It’s the place where music makers, cutting-edge technologies, brands & talents come together to enrich the passionate relationship between people & music, transform audience engagement and form new business connections. www.midem.com

About Reed MIDEM – Founded in 1963, Reed MIDEM is a leading organiser of professional, international tradeshows. Reed MIDEM events have established themselves as key dates in professional diaries. The company hosts MIPTV, MIPDOC, MIPCOM, and MIPJUNIOR for the television and digital content industries, MIDEM for music professionals, LeWeb Paris and London for internet forward-thinkers, MIPIM, MIPIM Asia, MIPIM UK and MAPIC for the property and retail real estate sectors. www.reedmidem.com

About Reed Exhibitions - Reed Exhibitions is the world’s leading events organizer, with over 500 events in 41 countries. In 2012 Reed brought together seven million active event participants from around the world generating billions of dollars in business. Today Reed events are held throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa and organized by 34 fully staffed offices. Reed Exhibitions serves 44 industry sectors with trade and consumer events and is part of the Reed Elsevier Group, a world leading provider of professional information solutions.
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JARRE AeroSkull XS Rose

"La plus belle des mini enceintes Bluetooth APT-X + NFC"

 L’enceinte sans-fil Jarre Aeroskull XS est unique en son genre : aucune enceinte de cette taille ne dispose d’un look aussi dévastateur, tout en proposant les meilleures technologies actuellement disponibles. En effet, son design « tête de mort » renferme en fait un système de 3 haut-parleurs alimenté par une amplification totalisant 18 Watts. Tout cela, dans une petite enceinte de seulement 170 mm de diamètre ! Compatible avec tous les smartphones grâce à sa technologie Bluetooth, l’enceinte Aeroskull XS est également dotée d’une certification NFC (appairage simplifié par simple contact), et de la prise en charge de codec APT-X (streaming en qualité proche du CD). Une vraie petite bombe !

"Micro intégré, entrée Mini-jack et dragonne de transport"

En plus d’être soignée sur plan sonore, l’enceinte sans-fil Jarre Aeroskull XS dispose de fonctionnalités très intéressantes. Outre ses certifications NFC et APT-X, elle dispose d’un microphone intégré lui permettant de se comporter comme un véritable kit mains-libres. Ajoutons à cela une entrée Mini-jack 3,5 mm pour connecter n’importe quelle source de niveau ligne (baladeur MP3, lecteur CD…), et la possibilité de recharger cette enceinte via une simple prise USB. Pour finir, vous apprécierez la dragonne intégrée, qui assure non seulement un transport aisé, mais aussi une installation dans les lieux les plus insolites ! Disponible en plusieurs coloris !

Cobra a aimé : la taille compacte, et la qualité sonore plutôt étonnante !

Fiche technique du JARRE AeroSkull XS Rose 

Type Enceinte Sans-fil
OS compatibles iOS (Apple), Android, Universel
Type de source Sans-fil
Puissance 18 Watts (2x4,5W + 9W)
Visualisation des données Ecran du smartphone/tablette
Entrées Mini-jack
Connectique informatique Port mini USB
Bluetooth Bluetooth compatible aptX®
Fonctions spéciales Micro pour kit mains-libres / Autonomie de 10 heures / Mise à jour via USB
Télécommande Via Smartphone
Dimensions (L x H x P) 170 x 170 x 170 mm

Source: cobrason

Jean Michel Jarre - Chronologie Part III


Jean Michel Jarre - Arpegiator

 "Arpegiator" from album "The Concerts in China" 1982


First ever Brazilian astronaut Marcos Pontes’ message to Jean Michel Jarre

Jarrefan-Brazil received a message from the first Brazilian (and South American) astronaut, Mr. Marcos Pontes.
He sent this message to Jean Michel Jarre, which is his idol.


Mr. Pontes worked at NASA for six years on a mission and flight of Soyuz (TMA-08) Russian in 2006 to spend a week at the ISS. Currently he make social projects in Brazil. He is also a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN-ONU by UNIDO(www.unido.org/).

Source  Ricardo Melo: jarrefan.com.br/
Thanks Renato Mundt by the video

Marcos Pontes



Bloom - Ils disent "non" à la destruction des océans profonds

Les acteurs Edward Norton et Jean-Pierre Darroussin, le moine bouddhiste Matthieu Ricard, le designer Philippe Starck, les réalisateurs Coline Serreau, Luc Jacquet, Jacques Perrin et Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Bixente Lizarazu, Jean-Michel Jarre, Nicolas Hulot, l’entrepreneur Richard Branson et bien d’autres personnalités du monde des arts, des lettres, du sport ou des sciences s’engagent auprès de BLOOM et de plus de 21 000 citoyens signataires de la pétition adressée à François Hollande pour dire « NON » à la destruction des océans profonds.

BLOOM révèle aujourd’hui cette mobilisation exceptionnelle par le biais d’une galerie mise en ligne sur le site de l’association : http://www.bloomassociation.org/galerie/

Ce matin, les passagers des trains en direction de la Belgique, des Pays-Bas et de l’Allemagne découvriront également à la Gare du Nord à Paris deux bâches spectaculaires de 110 m2 chacune, suspendues dans la nuit du 23 au 24 octobre et appelant citoyens, élus et gouvernements de l’Union européenne à dire « NON » aux méthodes de pêche destructrices dans les océans profonds en comparant le chalutage profond à une arme de destruction massive.
En effet, 17 jours suffiraient à un seul navire de pêche utilisant le chalut profond pour dévaster une surface aussi grande que Paris.

La Commission européenne a proposé en juillet 2012 d’éliminer les méthodes de pêche profonde les plus destructrices, c’est-à-dire le chalut profond et les filets maillants de fond. Après de nombreuses tactiques des représentants de la pêche industrielle et des cabinets de lobbying professionnels qu’ils rémunèrent pour retarder le débat et mettre en péril le règlement encadrant la pêche en eaux profondes, les 25 députés de la Commission de la pêche du Parlement européen vont enfin devoir se prononcer le 4 novembre prochain sur les mesures qui permettraient de protéger les océans profonds d’une destruction inexorable et inutile.

Reste que le dossier « pêche profonde » n’a, 15 mois après la sortie de la proposition législative de la Commission européenne, toujours pas été abordé au Conseil des ministres européens, et cela principalement en raison du blocage que la France opère dans la plus grande opacité (les processus de décision au Conseil manquent cruellement de transparence).

La mobilisation citoyenne et médiatique croissante sur le sujet de la pêche en eaux profondes presse désormais François Hollande et Jean-Marc Ayrault à cesser de bloquer le processus législatif et à exiger au plus vite l’ouverture officielle de ce dossier au Conseil.

N.B : BLOOM remercie les fondations Akuo, ADM Capital Foundation et Synchronicity Earth pour leur soutien essentiel. Le visuel des bâches géantes de la Gare du Nord a été réalisé grâce au généreux soutien de l’agence TBWA Corporate et de l’artiste graphique Fred Perrot.


 Source: bloomassociation


Proposal Concert Jean Michel Jarre for the inauguration of the new stadium « Stadium of lights » w Lyonie - December 8, 2015?


Proposal Concert Jean-Michel Jarre for the inauguration of the new stadium « Stadium of lights » w Lyonie - December 8, 2015?

Grand Stade de l'Olympique Lyonnais aerial view by day

Jean - Michel Aulas, the president of the soccer club "Olympique Lyon and the Rhone," aussi known as just "Rhône", said in an interview with Lyon Magazine, the club received a proposal to make a Jean Michel Jarre concert for the inauguration of the new stadium on December 8, 2015.

We do not know if the proposal is accepted or rejected. Is possibly in early trading. 
Nothing has-beens officially confirmed.

Source: mlyon.fr

Jean-Michel Aulas

 « J’ai la proposition d’un très grand artiste, Jean-Michel Jarre, d’organiser quelque chose de magnifique à cette occasion », a précisé Jean-Michel Aulas.

Source:  leprogres.fr

Grand Stade - Le parc Olympique Lyonnais


Jarre Technologies dévoile son enceinte nomade modulable : l'AeroTwist

3 novembre 2013
Par Marie Georgescu de Hillerin

Jarre Technologies lance l’AeroTwist, une enceinte nomade aux formes modulables et au look tout en rondeurs et en couleurs.

Entre l'Aeroskull et la J-Tek One Rainbow, la marque d'un des pionniers de la musique électronique nous a habitués aux couleurs flashy façon Candy Crush, et son dernier produit n'échappe pas à la règle. Rouge, orange, jaune, argenté : tout est fait pour ne pas laisser l’œil indifférent.

La forme, elle aussi, est originale : l'enceinte ressemble à un bracelet géant qui peut s'ouvrir et venir se refermer autour d'une lanière de sac ou d'un guidon de Vélib. Attention toutefois au vol à l’arraché... 

Sous ses gracieuses courbes, l'AeroTwist cache quatre haut-parleurs couplés à un caisson de basses et un microphone. La batterie offre une autonomie de dix heures et l'appairage NFC permet une reconnaissance automatique d'un appareil Bluetooth.

                        L'AeroTwist sera bientôt disponible au tarif de 299 euros.

 Source: lesnumeriques