LALIQUE boards the mythical Orient Express

To present Lalique’s latest collections, the legendary House chartered seven private Orient-Express carriages, recently acquired by the French Railways, to celebrate the luxury of travel of yesteryear.
The love of travel inspired René Lalique himself when he designed the interiors of the legendary train for the CIWL, the International Sleeping Car Company.
The mythical carriages served as the setting for a morning presentation to the press of the Odyssée collection, which features wild horses and pays tribute to the golden age of travel, along with the new AeroSystem One by Jean Michel Jarre, adorned with Lalique crystal in a limited edition of 999.

Lalique Parfums, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, also presented its new fragrance, “Hommage à l’Homme”.

The Orient Express pulled out of Paris Gare de l’Est station in the late afternoon and headed for René Lalique’s hometown of Aÿ, in the Champagne region.
Guests were given the opportunity to visit the wine cellars of champagne house DEUTZ and taste its precious vintages. A Gala dinner was then served on board the Orient Express as the train headed back to Paris later that night.

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New Aerosystem One by Lalique in Moscow

On March 22, 2012, at the very heart of Moscow, on Tretyakovsky proezd, an unforgettable light show by Jean Michel Jarre took place for the grand opening of the Lalique boutique.
Guests began arriving at Tretyakovsky proezd at 9:30 pm, anticipating an extraordinary night.
Photographers and journalists were poised at the Arch of Tretyakovsky, welcoming guests as they approached the red carpet, which covered the entire floor of the passageway.

Greeted by the beauty of Lalique crystal products, guests were served toasty mulled wine while listening to music composed by Jean Michel Jarre especially for the event as they approached the boutique, located on Nikolskaya Street, 19/1.

At 10:30 pm, guests were welcomed by Jean Michel and by Silvio Denz, president & chairman of Lalique.  During their speech, they shared with guests the inspiration behind their collaborative project – Aerosystem One by Lalique music system by Jean-Michel Jarre and Lalique. It combines the perfection of Lalique design and the ultimate in acoustic technology developed by Jean-Michel Jarre.

Lalique crystal, which decorates this speaker, reveals sparkling jets of water which emerge from the intriguing Masque de Femme, an iconic motif of this prestigious crystal house. This Art-Deco style mask reveals the face of a mysterious woman, with subtle features, surrounded by aquatic wildlife. Like a fingerprint, the face seems perfectly captured in the crystal. To create this piece of work, 13 master glassblowers blow, cut and polish crystal with their expert hands into a design that is so signature of Lalique. The artisans from Lalique have managed to enhance and illuminate the speaker created by Jean Michel Jarre and to raise it to the rank of a true piece of contemporary art.

After the welcome speech and acknowledgements were said, a spectacular light show by Jean Michel Jarre began in a specially built tent in front of the Lalique boutique on Nikolskaya Street.
The guests were treated to snacks and Moet & Chandon champagne.

Among the guests were: Silvio Denz – President & Chairman of Lalique, Alexey Dorozhkin – EIC Elle Decoration Russia, Irina Hakamada – politician, Catrine de Gliniasty – the ambassadress of France in Russia, Anton Krasovskiy – TV Presenter, Ida Lolo – businesswoman, Ekaterina Volkova – actress, Mikhail Druyan – promoter, Eduard Dorozhkin – Chief Editor Tatler Russia, Irina Tchaikovskaya – blogger Tatler Russia, Alla Verber – Vice-President, Fashion Director of Mercury, Eugenia Linovich – designer, socialite, Irina Kurbatova – Businesswoman, Von Vonni – designer, Peter Aksenov – photographer/ jewellery designer and many others.

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Jean Michel Jarre Rendez-Vous Perth


With no official confirmation yet of a light and sound spectacular by electronic music pioneer Jean Michel Jarre just four months out from its planned date, the mercurial musician yesterday confirmed he still plans to headline the 80,000-patron show.

However, the gargantuan gig has been pushed back to the first half of 2013, rather than its initially planned November 2012.
Jarre is in Perth shoring up support and sponsorship for the concert from local agencies and companies.

Maryanne Bell of Perth-based ITM Productions – who aims to bring Jarre’s much-anticipated Rendez-vous show to Perth – today told oneperth.com.au the show would occur in the first half of 2013.

This timing is vaguer than the March 2013 projection reported this morning by some news outlets.
In a statement yesterday, Jarre announced he would be an ambassador for the Perth Fashion Festival scheduled for September 19 to 25.

“Since attending last year’s festival and seeing first hand Western Australia’s creative talents it’s a thrill to start building community connections that will be the foundation for Rendez-vous Perth,” Jarre said.

Ms Bell had earlier said no premature announcement would be made about ticketing because of the military-scale logistics involved in pulling the show together.
“Everything’s on track and Jean-Michel’s so excited back in Paris,” Ms Bell told oneperth.com.au back in May.

“Jean-Michel is determined to put Perth on the map.”

Jarre fan sites around the world have been aTwitter since oneperth.com.au revealed details of the Jarre concert – planned for Langley Park.

“It’s going to be the most exclusive event of the year on the Western Australian calendar, with worldwide broadcasting,” Ms Bell said of the show slated to draw an 80,000-strong crowd.

“The VIP area will be black tie with people ushered in by limousines to a red carpet.

“This concert is just going to blow people away.”

If Jarre can pull off the ‘Rendez-Vous Perth’ gig it will be free to the public – except for 8000 privileged patrons holding gold, VIP and corporate tickets.


The man, and his massive concert plan.
 Ms Bell said Jarre would bring a “big star” to Perth as his support act – but declined to reveal who that would be.

She said fans would cram Langley Park, the southern foreshore of the Swan, and Kings Park to experience the Jarre juggernaut.

Meetings had been arranged with with major sponsors, and Ms Bell said WA Government agency EventsCorp would be “brought in”.
International TV deals were also nearing completion.

“This will be like a mini tsunami,” she said.

“It’s like keeping a racehorse behind its gate.”

Ms Bell said no ticketing announcement would be made until all major details had been squared off.
She confirmed Jarre’s spectacular would be the only one in Australia.

But how did Perth – the world’s most isolated metropolis – score such a top flight event?
Well, that dates back to two covert visits Jarre made to the city in May and August last year.

Ms Bell – who spends lots of time in Europe and has known Jarre for two years – had been urging him to visit her home city of Perth.

During his 10-day stay, Jarre met Premier Colin Barnett, Planning Minister John Day and Tourism Minister Kim Hames to discuss the concert idea.

Electronic maestro Jean Michel Jarre keen to tackle 'final frontier'.

“Jean-Michel adores Perth,” Ms Bell said.

“He sees it as a bit of a last frontier, no pollution, a beautiful city.”

Ms Bell says her company’s website has been inundated with thousands of requests for tickets from places as far flung as India, China, Germany, London and South America.

On March 13, oneperth.com.au revealed that Perth City Council had given the concert the green light.

The legendary French musician, 63, holds the music world’s crowd-pulling record of 3.5 million fans to a single show.

In Perth, Jarre plans to lock Langley Park down for a month to allow massive stages and stands to be erected and dismantled.

To help concert-goers see Jarre, six giant screens are set to stand along the length of Langley Park.

Jarre holds several world records for large outdoor concert audiences – the ultimate being when he played for an audience of 3.5 million people to celebrate the 850th birthday of Moscow.

Photo: Miemo Penttinen

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Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene 7- 13 1997 (Full Album)

"Everybody is doing the same movie, everybody is doing the same record but each time trying to improve or to reject what he has done in the past, and then at one stage you are in phase with yourself and the audience and I hope Oxygene 7-13 carries the touch of naivety or spontaneity that I had for the first one, linked with experience and where I am today."
Jean-Michel Jarre 1997



Oxygène 7--13 is a 1997 album of instrumental electronic music by Jean Michel Jarre, his ninth overall studio album. It is the sequel to his 1976 album Oxygène, and is dedicated to Jarre's former mentor, experimental musician Pierre Schaeffer. While the album was recorded using many of the same synthesizers as Oxygène, and the titling suggests a continuation from where the first album ends, many tracks have a more uptempo, trance-like character. The album is not as widely acclaimed as the original Oxygène, but has been quite successful nonetheless, especially among fans. Released approximately twenty years after the worldwide release of the first Oxygène, it is Jarre's final album in his traditional style (exclusive of Oxygène: New Master Recording), and thus comes full circle. It was also the last album by Jarre featuring Michel Geiss as collaborator.

"Oxygène 7", "Oxygène 8" and "Oxygène 10" have been released as singles. A number of remixes of Oxygène 7--13 tracks have been made, including those comprising most of the album Odyssey Through O2. The Orb's single "Toxygene" was originally intended for release as a remix for the single release of "Oxygène 8", but was rejected by Jarre for being too distant from the original.

Track listing

"Oxygène 7" -- 11:41
Part 1 -- 4:20
Part 2 -- 3:43
Part 3 -- 3:38
"Oxygène 8" -- 3:54
"Oxygène 9" -- 6:13
Part 1 -- 1:53
Part 2 -- 1:56
Part 3 -- 2:24
"Oxygène 10" -- 4:16
"Oxygène 11" -- 4:58
"Oxygène 12" -- 5:40
"Oxygène 13" -- 4:27


2600 ARP synthesizer
VCS3 synthesizer
Eminent 310 Unique
Mellotron M400
Quasimidi Raven
Akai MPC3000
JV 90
RMI Harmonic synthesizer

Exclusive photos from the tour: The Oxygene 7-13 - 1997

Manchester, England - 6 June 1997

The Stage
(Manchester crowd on the screen of 'Revolution')
Magic Slinky's
(seen from the mixing console)
Jean-Michel Jarre Thanking Manchester

Helsinki, Finland - 16 June 1997

Jarre And His Techno-Twin... 
  Huge 35mm Projection
(Oxygene 12)
The Stage

Katowice, Poland - 21 June 1997

X<>Pose vs Fairlight...
Fairlight vs X<>Pose ...
Chronologie 6...
Something new!

Prague, Czech Republic - 22 June 1997

The View From 'JarreCam'
Christophe Papendieck
(Bass & Keyboards) in action
Christophe Papendieck

Budapest, Hungary - 24 June 1997

The View From 'JarreCam'
Jean-Michel Jarre
(Wearing 'JarreCam' Glasses)
JMJ now plays visuals
on Oxygene 2

Milan, Italy - 26 June 1997

  View from 'JarreCam'...
Another View from 'JarreCam'
(With second digital camera in background)
View from 'JarreCam'...
Powered by X<>Pose!

Some concert facts:
  • 8 trucks are used to transport the set and 40 tons of equipment packed into 1100 flight cases.
  • The Oxygene 7-13 Tour requires 1000 amps on 380 volts per show. At peak performance Jean Michel Jarre puts out 75,000 watts of power per show.
  • The lighting for the tour was designed by Roy Bennett and Jean Michel Jarre and comprises 74 moving lights.
  • 26 keyboards for Jean Michel Jarre are taken on the road.
  • 65 people travel with the band including management, musicians, stage crew, drivers etc. An additional 80 local crew and security personnel are needed for each concert.
  • 5 dancing puppets of over 5 meters high designed by Peter Minshell and Jean Michel from the Callalloo company in Trinidad will join the artist on stage.

Exclusive photos from the tour: The Oxygene 7-13 - 1997

Geneva, Switzerland - 27 May 1997

Jean-Michel Jarre
(With Digital Effects From Concert)
Jarre with Dominique Perrier (aka Pepere)
Jean-Michel Jarre

Rotterdam, Holland - 30 May 1997

Jean-Michel Jarre
Jarre Adjusting the Synth
Jean-Michel Jarre

Brussels, Belgium - 31 May 1997

Captain Francis 'Kirk' Rimbert
Jarre Adjusting the Synth
Jean-Michel Jarre

Glasgow, Scotland - 4 June 1997

(Digital Effects From Concert)
Jean-Michel Jarre 

Birmingham, England - 5 June 1997

Jean-Michel Jarre
(Digital Effects From Concert)
Jean-Michel Jarre

Jean-Michel Jarre

Exclusive photos from the tour: The Oxygene 7-13 - 1997

Stuttgart, Germany - 18 May 1997

Jean-Michel Jarre
Jean-Michel Jarre

Zurich, Switzerland - 20 May 1997

Jean-Michel Jarre
Jarre at the keyboards
  Jean-Michel thanking the Zurich fans

Vienna, Austria- 22 May 1997

Jean-Michel Jarre
Jean-Michel Jarre
Jarre at the keyboards
Jarre at the keyboards

Munich, Germany - 23 May 1997

The Stage
Jean-Michel Jarre
Jarre at the synth

Oberhausen, Germany- 24 May 1997

Jarre On Stage
Jean-Michel Jarre
The Stage

Frankfurt, Germany- 25 May 1997

Jean-Michel Jarre
(With Digital Effects From Concert)
The View From 'JarreCam'
The View From The Stage
(With Digital Effects From Concert)